Urban Air Quality in Europe

  • Mar Viana

Part of the The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry book series (HEC, volume 26)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. C. Nagl, C. Ansorge, L. Moosmann, W. Spangl, H. Wiesenberger
    Pages 3-29
  3. P. G. Boulter, J. Borken-Kleefeld, L. Ntziachristos
    Pages 31-53
  4. Richard G. Derwent, Anne-Gunn Hjellbrekke
    Pages 55-73
  5. Barend L. van Drooge, Joan O. Grimalt
    Pages 75-100
  6. Carsten Ambelas Skjøth, Ole Hertel
    Pages 141-163
  7. Fulvio Amato, Martijn Schaap, Cristina Reche, Xavier Querol
    Pages 165-193
  8. U. Quass, A. C. John, T. A. J. Kuhlbusch
    Pages 195-218
  9. A. Karanasiou, N. Mihalopoulos
    Pages 219-238
  10. A. I. Miranda, J. Valente, J. Ferreira, C. Borrego
    Pages 259-273
  11. Thomas A. J. Kuhlbusch, Ulrich Quass, Gary Fuller, Mar Viana, Xavier Querol, Klea Katsouyanni et al.
    Pages 277-296
  12. Gerard Hoek, Otto Hänninen, Josef Cyrys
    Pages 321-337
  13. Prashant Kumar, Lidia Morawska, Roy M. Harrison
    Pages 339-365
  14. Barend L. van Drooge, Joan O. Grimalt
    Pages E1-E1
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 367-371

About this book


This book provides an overview of air quality in urban environments in Europe, focusing on air pollutant emission sources and formation mechanisms, measurement and modeling strategies, and future perspectives. The emission sources described are biomass burning, vehicular traffic, industry and agriculture, but also African dust and long-range transport of pollutants across the European regions. The impact of these emission sources and processes on atmospheric particulate matter, ozone, nitrogen oxides and volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds is discussed and critical areas for particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide in Europe are identified. Finally, this volume presents future perspectives, mainly regarding upcoming air quality monitoring strategies, metrics of interest, such as submicron and nanoparticles, and indoor and outdoor exposure scenarios.


Atmospheric particulate matter Mitigation strategies NOx Ozone Population exposure

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