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The Technology of Binaural Listening

  • Jens Blauert

Part of the Modern Acoustics and Signal Processing book series (MASP)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. A. Kohlrausch, J. Braasch, D. Kolossa, J. Blauert
    Pages 1-32
  3. P. L. Søndergaard, P. Majdak
    Pages 33-56
  4. G. Enzner, Chr. Antweiler, S. Spors
    Pages 57-92
  5. C. Spille, B. T. Meyer, M. Dietz, V. Hohmann
    Pages 145-170
  6. E. Georganti, T. May, S. van de Par, J. Mourjopoulos
    Pages 171-199
  7. S. Argentieri, A. Portello, M. Bernard, P. Danès, B. Gas
    Pages 225-253
  8. H. Wierstorf, A. Raake, S. Spors
    Pages 255-278
  9. M. Nicoletti, Chr. Wirtz, W. Hemmert
    Pages 309-331
  10. M. Takanen, O. Santala, V. Pulkki
    Pages 333-358
  11. A. Tsilfidis, A. Westermann, J. M. Buchholz, E. Georganti, J. Mourjopoulos
    Pages 359-396
  12. T. May, S. van de Par, A. Kohlrausch
    Pages 397-425
  13. J. F. Culling, M. Lavandier, S. Jelfs
    Pages 427-447
  14. J. Blauert, D. Kolossa, K. Obermayer, K. Adiloğlu
    Pages 477-501
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 503-511

About this book


This book reports on the application of advanced models of the human binaural hearing system in modern technology, among others, in the following areas:  binaural analysis of aural scenes, binaural de-reverberation, binaural quality assessment of audio channels, loudspeakers and performance spaces, binaural perceptual coding, binaural processing in hearing aids and cochlea implants, binaural systems in robots, binaural/tactile human-machine interfaces, speech-intelligibility prediction in rooms and/or multi-speaker scenarios. An introduction to binaural modeling and an outlook to the future are provided. Further, the book features a MATLAB toolbox to enable readers to construct their own dedicated binaural models on demand.


Artificial Heads Basilar-Membrane Models Binaural Interaction Durlach-Type EI Models Ear-Filter Banks Echo Canceller HRTF Catalogues HRTF-Measurement Capabilities Hair-Cell Models Jeffress Models Middle-Ear Models

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  • Jens Blauert
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  1. 1.Fak. Elektrotechnik, LS Allgm.Elektrotechn.+AkustikUniv. BochumBochumGermany

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From the book reviews:

“This is an advanced book on binaural hearing computations and mechanisms. … The data in this textbook is for investigators in the human audiology laboratories and is suitable to computational studies. I highly recommend this book for all neuroscientists with an interest in somatomotor and auditory physiology.” (Joseph J. Grenier,, March, 2015)