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Long-Distance Systemic Signaling and Communication in Plants

  • František Baluška

Part of the Signaling and Communication in Plants book series (SIGCOMM, volume 19)

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  2. Jyoti Shah, Ratnesh Chaturvedi
    Pages 1-21
  3. Tomonori Kawano, François Bouteau
    Pages 23-52
  4. David J. Hannapel
    Pages 53-70
  5. Andriy Bilichak, Igor Kovalchuk
    Pages 71-104
  6. Jason Q. D. Goodger
    Pages 105-124
  7. Laura Arru, Silvia Fornaciari, Stefano Mancuso
    Pages 125-147
  8. Yusuke Enomoto, Fumiyuki Goto
    Pages 167-188
  9. Hinanit Koltai, Christine A. Beveridge
    Pages 189-204
  10. Satomi Hayashi, Peter M. Gresshoff, Brett J. Ferguson
    Pages 219-229
  11. Grzegorz Konert, Moona Rahikainen, Andrea Trotta, Saijaliisa Kangasjärvi
    Pages 231-250
  12. Melanie Carmody, Barry Pogson
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  13. Ziv Spiegelman, Guy Golan, Shmuel Wolf
    Pages 275-290
  14. Matthias R. Zimmermann, Axel Mithöfer
    Pages 291-308
  15. John P. Delano-Frier, Gregory Pearce, Alisa Huffaker, Johannes W. Stratmann
    Pages 323-362
  16. Cesar R. Rodriguez-Saona, Mark C. Mescher, Consuelo M. De Moraes
    Pages 393-412

About this book


Our view of plants is changing dramatically. Rather than being only slowly responding organisms, their signaling is often very fast and signals, both of endogenous and exogenous origin, spread throughout plant bodies rapidly. Higher plants coordinate and integrate their tissues and organs via sophisticated sensory systems, which sensitively screen both internal and external factors, feeding them information through both chemical and electrical systemic long-distance communication channels. This revolution in our understanding of higher plants started some twenty years ago with the discovery of systemin and rapid advances continue to be made. This volume captures the current ‘state of the art’ of this exciting topic in plant sciences.


Abiotic Stress Epigenetic Signaling Nodulation Plant Volatiles Systemic Acquired Resistance Wound Signaling

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