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Multiphysical Testing of Soils and Shales

  • Lyesse Laloui
  • Alessio Ferrari


  • Recent research on Multiphysical Testing of Soils and Shales

  • Compilation of the International Workshop Advances in Multiphysical Testing of Soils and Shales” held in Lausanne (Switzerland), September 3-5 2012

  • Written by leading experts in the field

Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-9
  2. Theme Lectures

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Jayantha Kodikara, Susanga Costa
      Pages 21-32
    3. E. C. Leong, T. T. Nyunt, H. Rahardjo
      Pages 33-44
    4. Fernando A. M. Marinho
      Pages 45-55
    5. Alessio Ferrari, Lyesse Laloui
      Pages 57-68
    6. Enrique Romero, Rainer Senger, Paul Marschall, Rodrigo Gómez
      Pages 69-83
  3. Testing in Variably Saturated Conditions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 85-85
    2. Xuan Nam Ho, Hossein Nowamooz, Cyrille Chazallon, Bernard Migault
      Pages 87-92
    3. Z. Y. Cheng, E. C. Leong
      Pages 105-110
    4. Gilbert J. Kasangaki, Gabriela M. Medero, Jin Y. Ooi
      Pages 111-116
    5. Qasim A. J. Al-Obaidi, Saad Farhan Ibrahim, Tom Schanz
      Pages 117-122
  4. Testing in Non-isothermal Conditions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 123-123
    2. Tom Schanz, Long Nguyen-Tuan, Maria Datcheva
      Pages 125-130
    3. Anders Beijer Lundberg
      Pages 131-136
    4. M. V. Villar, R. Gómez-Espina, P. L. Martín, J. M. Barcala
      Pages 137-142

About these proceedings


Significant advancements in the experimental analysis of soils and shales have been achieved during the last few decades. Outstanding progress in the field has led to the theoretical development of geomechanical theories and important engineering applications.

This book provides the reader with an overview of recent advances in a variety of advanced experimental techniques and results for the analysis of the behaviour of geomaterials under multiphysical testing conditions. Modern trends in experimental geomechanics for soils and shales are discussed, including testing materials in variably saturated conditions, non-isothermal experiments, micro-scale investigations and image analysis techniques. Six theme papers from leading researchers in experimental geomechanics are also included.

This book is intended for postgraduate students, researchers and practitioners in fields where multiphysical testing of soils and shales plays a fundamental role, such as unsaturated soil and rock mechanics, petroleum engineering, nuclear waste storage engineering, unconventional energy resources and CO2 geological sequestration.


Geomechanical Modelling Geomechanics Laboratory Testing Multiphysical Testing Non-isothermal Conditions Shales Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

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  • Lyesse Laloui
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  • Alessio Ferrari
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  2. 2., GC D0 425 (Bâtiment GC)EPFL ENAC IIC LMSLausanneSwitzerland

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