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Protection of Materials and Structures From the Space Environment

  • Jacob Kleiman
  • Masahito Tagawa
  • Yugo Kimoto
Conference proceedings

Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings book series (ASSSP, volume 32)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Kim K. de Groh, Deborah L. Waters, Jelila S. Mohammed, Bruce A. Perry, Bruce A. Banks
    Pages 13-26
  3. Aobo Guo, Claire C. Ashmead, Kim K. de Groh, Edward A. Sechkar
    Pages 27-40
  4. Virginie Rejsek-Riba, Sabine Soonckindt, Sophie Duzellier, S. Remaury, C. Durin, J. M. Desmarres et al.
    Pages 41-55
  5. Deborah L. Waters, Kim K. de Groh, Bruce A. Banks, Edward A. Sechkar
    Pages 57-71
  6. Yugo Kimoto, Junichiro Ishizawa, Hiroyuki Shimamura
    Pages 73-82
  7. Bruce A. Banks, Katelyn T. Seroka, Jason B. McPhate, Sharon K. Miller
    Pages 83-92
  8. Ronen Verker, Dan Hassin, Nurit Atar, Eitan Grossman
    Pages 105-113
  9. Z. Iskanderova, J. Kleiman, V. Issoupov, S. F. Naumov, S. P. Sokolova, A. O. Kurilenok et al.
    Pages 115-131
  10. H. R. Fischer, Yu. V. Butenko, C. Mooney, C. Semprimoschnig, M. H. W. Verkuijlen, E. R. H. van Eck et al.
    Pages 133-142
  11. Kumi Nitta, Eiji Miyazaki, Shinichiro Michizono, Yoshio Saito
    Pages 143-150
  12. Gao Xin, Yang Sheng-sheng, Wang Yun-fei, Feng Zhan-zu
    Pages 151-158
  13. Kazuhiro Kanda, Masahito Niibe, Kumiko Yokota, Masahito Tagawa
    Pages 159-164
  14. H. Jochem, V. Rejsek-Riba, E. Maerten, A. Baceiredo, S. Remaury
    Pages 165-176
  15. A. V. Grigorevskiy, L. V. Kiseleva, V. N. Strapolova
    Pages 177-185
  16. Feng Wei-Quan, Zhao Chun-Qing, Shen Zi-Cai, Ding Yi-Gang, Zhang Fan, Liu Yu-Ming et al.
    Pages 187-197
  17. Henry C. de Groh, Bernadette J. Puleo, Bruce M. Steinetz
    Pages 209-216

About these proceedings


The goals of the 10th International Space Conference on “Protection of Materials and Structures from Space Environment” ICPMSE-10J, since its inception in 1992, have been to facilitate exchanges between members of the various engineering and science disciplines involved in the development of space materials, including aspects of LEO, GEO and Deep Space environments, ground-based qualification, and in-flight experiments and lessons learned from operational vehicles that are closely interrelated to disciplines of the atmospheric sciences, solar-terrestrial interactions and space life sciences.

The knowledge of environmental conditions on and around the Moon, Mars, Venus and the low Earth orbit as well as other possible candidates for landing such as asteroids have become an important issue, and protecting both hardware and human life from the effects of space environments has taken on a new meaning in light of the increased interest in space travel and colonization of other planets.

 And while many material experiments have been carried out on the ground and in open space in the last 50 years (LDEF, MEEP, SARE, MISSE, AOP, DSPSE, ESEM, EURECA, HST, MDIM, MIS, MPID, MPAC and SEED), many questions regarding the environmental impact of space on materials remain either poorly understood or unanswered. The coming generations of scientists will have to continue this work and tackle new challenges, continuing to build the level of confidence humans will need to continue the colonization of space. It is hoped that the proceedings of the ICPMSE-10J presented in this book will constitute a small contribution to doing so.


Geostationary orbit conditions Impact space environment Interplanetary environment Low Earth orbit conditions Materials protection space Space materials book

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  • Jacob Kleiman
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  • Masahito Tagawa
    • 2
  • Yugo Kimoto
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  1. 1.Integrity Testing Laboratory IncMarkhamCanada
  2. 2., Graduate School of EngineeringKobe UniversityKobeJapan
  3. 3.Japanese Aerospace Exploration AgencyIbarakiJapan

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