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Emerging Organic Contaminants and Human Health

  • Damià Barceló


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Part of the The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry book series (HEC, volume 20)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Marinella Farré, Damià Barceló
    Pages 1-46
  3. Aleksandra Jelić, Mira Petrović, Damià Barceló
    Pages 47-70
  4. María Jesús García Galán, M. Silvia Díaz-Cruz, Damià Barceló
    Pages 71-92
  5. Susan D. Richardson, Cristina Postigo
    Pages 93-137
  6. Paola Verlicchi, Alessio Galletti, Mira Petrovic, Damià Barceló
    Pages 139-171
  7. Célia M. Manaia, Ivone Vaz-Moreira, Olga C. Nunes
    Pages 173-212
  8. L. J. G. Silva, C. M. Lino, L. Meisel, D. Barceló, A. Pena
    Pages 213-241
  9. Adrian Covaci, Tinne Geens, Laurence Roosens, Nadeem Ali, Nele Van den Eede, Alin C. Ionas et al.
    Pages 243-305
  10. Mario Antonio Fernández, Belén Gómara, María José González
    Pages 307-336
  11. Francisca Pérez, Marta Llorca, Marinella Farré, Damià Barceló
    Pages 337-373
  12. Marianne Köck-Schulmeyer, Antoni Ginebreda, Miren López de Alda, Damià Barceló
    Pages 375-394
  13. Demetrio Raldúa, Carlos Barata, Marta Casado, Melissa Faria, José María Navas, Alba Olivares et al.
    Pages 395-414
  14. Demetrio Raldúa, Patrick J. Babin, Carlos Barata, Benedicte Thienpont
    Pages 415-433
  15. M. Viana, C. Postigo, C. Balducci, A. Cecinato, M. J. López de Alda, D. Barceló et al.
    Pages 435-460
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 461-466

About this book


This volume provides an overview of the occurrence and fate of emerging contaminants, discusses advanced chemical analysis methods, toxicological and ecotoxicological effects as well as human exposure. One focus is on pharmaceuticals, in particular antibiotics, and the problems associated with their increased use in hospitals. Other covered emerging contaminants occurring e.g. in food, water, air or soil include brominated flame retardants, polar pesticides, phthalates, phosphate esters, perfluorinated compounds, personal care products, musk fragrances, disinfection byproducts, illicit drugs, and nanomaterials. The chapters written by experts are a valuable source of information for a broad audience, such as analytical chemists, environmental chemists and engineers, toxicologists, ecotoxicologists and epidemiologists working already in this field as well as newcomers.


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