TOF Range-Imaging Cameras

  • Fabio Remondino
  • David Stoppa

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-v
  2. Dario Piatti, Fabio Remondino, David Stoppa
    Pages 1-9
  3. Edoardo Charbon, Matt Fishburn, Richard Walker, Robert K. Henderson, Cristiano Niclass
    Pages 11-38
  4. Matteo Perenzoni, Plamen Kostov, Milos Davidovic, Gerald Zach, Horst Zimmermann
    Pages 39-68
  5. Lucio Pancheri, David Stoppa
    Pages 69-89
  6. John P. Godbaz, Adrian A. Dorrington, Michael J. Cree
    Pages 91-116
  7. Nobert Pfeifer, Derek Lichti, Jan Böhm, Wilfried Karel
    Pages 117-138
  8. Filiberto Chiabrando, Fulvio Rinaudo
    Pages 139-164
  9. Tobias K. Kohoutek, David Droeschel, Rainer Mautz, Sven Behnke
    Pages 165-176
  10. Carlo Dal Mutto, Pietro Zanuttigh, Guido M. Cortelazzo
    Pages 177-202
  11. Alessandro Leone, Giovanni Diraco
    Pages 203-240

About this book


Today the cost of solid-state two-dimensional imagers has dramatically dropped, introducing low cost systems on the market suitable for a variety of applications, including both industrial and consumer products. However, these systems can capture only a two-dimensional projection (2D), or intensity map, of the scene under observation, losing a variable of paramount importance, i.e., the arrival time of the impinging photons.
Time-Of-Flight (TOF) Range-Imaging (TOF) is an emerging sensor technology able to deliver, at the same time, depth and intensity maps of the scene under observation. Featuring different sensor resolutions, RIM cameras serve a wide community with a lot of applications like monitoring, architecture, life sciences, robotics, etc. This book will bring together experts from the sensor and metrology side in order to collect the state-of-art researchers in these fields working with RIM cameras. All the aspects in the acquisition and processing chain will be addressed, from recent updates concerning the photo-detectors, to the analysis of the calibration techniques, giving also a perspective onto new applications domains.


3D cameras FLIM Range-Imaging SPAD TOF cameras

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  • Fabio Remondino
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  • David Stoppa
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  2. 2., Smart Optical Sensors and InterfacesFondazione Bruno KesslerTrentoItaly

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