Handbook of Networks in Power Systems I

  • Alexey Sorokin
  • Steffen Rebennack
  • Panos M. Pardalos
  • Niko A. Iliadis
  • Mario V. F. Pereira

Part of the Energy Systems book series (ENERGY)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Electricity Network

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. H. A. Gil, C. Gómez-Quiles, A. Gómez-Expósito, J. Riquelme Santos
      Pages 123-150
    3. Diego J. Pedregal, Javier Contreras, Agustín A. Sánchez de la Nieta
      Pages 151-171
    4. Zita A. Vale, Hugo Morais, Tiago Pinto, Isabel Praça, Carlos Ramos
      Pages 173-212
    5. Arturas Klementavicius, Virginijus Radziukynas
      Pages 213-239
    6. Ryuta Takashima, Afzal S. Siddiqui, Shoji Nakada
      Pages 303-321
    7. José I. Muñoz, Javier Contreras, Javier Caamaño, Pedro F. Correia
      Pages 323-343
    8. Enzo Sauma, Samuel Jerardino, Carlos Barria, Rodrigo Marambio, Alberto Brugman, José Mejía
      Pages 345-365
    9. José A. Aguado, Sebastián de la Torre, Javier Contreras, Álvaro Martínez
      Pages 367-393
    10. Alexey Sorokin, Joseph Portela, Panos M. Pardalos
      Pages 395-433
    11. Anke Weidlich, Harald Vogt, Wolfgang Krauss, Patrik Spiess, Marek Jawurek, Martin Johns et al.
      Pages 467-486
    12. Panida Jirutitijaroen, Chanan Singh
      Pages 505-522
    13. Kory W. Hedman, Shmuel S. Oren, Richard P. O’Neill
      Pages 523-553
    14. Juan Carlos Galvis, Antonio Padilha Feltrin
      Pages 555-579
  3. Back Matter
    Pages 581-588

About this book


Energy has been an inevitable component of human lives for decades. Recent rapid developments in the area require analyzing energy systems not as independent components but rather as connected interdependent networks. The Handbook of Networks in Power Systems includes the state-of-the-art developments that occurred in the power systems networks, in particular gas, electricity, liquid fuels, freight networks, as well as their interactions. The book is separated into two volumes with three sections, where one scientific paper or more are included to cover most important areas of networks in power systems. The first volume covers topics arising in electricity network, in particular electricity markets, smart grid, network expansion, as well as risk management. The second volume presents problems arising in gas networks; such as scheduling and planning of natural gas systems, pricing, as well as optimal location of gas supply units. In addition, the second volume covers the topics of interactions between energy networks. Each subject is identified following the activity on the domain and the recognition of each subject as an area of research. The scientific papers are authored by world specialists on the domain and present either state-of-the-arts reviews or scientific developments.


electricity gas liquid fuels network interactions power systems networks

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  • Steffen Rebennack
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  • Panos M. Pardalos
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  • Niko A. Iliadis
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  • Mario V. F. Pereira
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