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Two Studies in Gas-Phase Ion Spectroscopy

Vacuum-Ultraviolet Negative Photoion Spectroscopy and Ion-Molecule Reaction Kinetics


  • Nominated by the University of Birmingham for a Springer Theses Prize.

  • From a huge quantity of data the author attempts to rationalise the circumstances needed for favourable formation of anions

  • The most comprehensive collection of information on this type of ion formation


Part of the Springer Theses book series (Springer Theses)

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In this thesis Matthew Simpson reports two areas of work in gas ion spectroscopy, each investigation in itself worthy of a PhD. The first study uses tunable vacuum-ultraviolet radiation from a synchrotron to identify negative ions from twenty four photoexcited polyatomic molecules in the gas phase. From these experiments, Matthew collects a vast amount of data and summarises and reviews ion-pair formation from polyatomic molecules.  The second study is on selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry. Matthew investigates the reactions of cations and anions with ethene, monofluoroethene, 1,1-difluoroethene and tetrafluoroethene. In this study Matthew tries to explain why certain products are formed preferentially over other products at a microscopic level of understanding. The data recorded in this thesis form the most comprehensive collection of information about anion formation and are the basis of a review and numerous articles in specialist journals.


Bimolecular Ion Molecule kinetics Cation anion thermochemistry Dissociative electron attachment Ion-pair formation Perfluoroeffect ion chemistry Vacuum-Ultraviolet Synchrotron science

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  1. 1., Science DepartmentKing Edward's High School for GirlsBirminghamUnited Kingdom

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