Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery

16th IAPR International Conference, DGCI 2011, Nancy, France, April 6-8, 2011. Proceedings

  • Isabelle Debled-Rennesson
  • Eric Domenjoud
  • Bertrand Kerautret
  • Philippe Even
Conference proceedings DGCI 2011

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6607)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Invited Speakers

  3. Models for Discrete Geometry

    1. Colin Cartade, Rémy Malgouyres, Christian Mercat, Chafik Samir
      Pages 59-70
    2. Ondřej Daněk, Pavel Matula
      Pages 71-82
    3. Yan Gérard, Laurent Provot, Fabien Feschet
      Pages 83-94
    4. Thierry Monteil
      Pages 95-103
    5. Fabien Rebatel, Édouard Thiel
      Pages 116-128
  4. Discrete and Combinatorial Topology

    1. Gilles Bertrand
      Pages 129-140
    2. Rocio Gonzalez-Diaz, Maria-Jose Jimenez, Belen Medrano
      Pages 153-162
    3. Loïc Mazo, Nicolas Passat, Michel Couprie, Christian Ronse
      Pages 163-174
    4. Benjamin Raynal, Michel Couprie
      Pages 175-186
  5. Geometric Transforms

    1. Marie-Andrée Jacob-Da Col, Pierre Tellier
      Pages 187-198
    2. Nicolas Normand, Robin Strand, Pierre Evenou, Aurore Arlicot
      Pages 199-210
  6. Discrete Shape Representation, Recognition and Analysis

    1. Dror Aiger, Yukiko Kenmochi, Hugues Talbot, Lilian Buzer
      Pages 223-234
    2. Eric Andres, Tristan Roussillon
      Pages 235-246
    3. Bertrand Kerautret, Jacques-Olivier Lachaud, Thanh Phuong Nguyen
      Pages 247-259
    4. Dilip K. Prasad, Raj Kumar Gupta, Maylor K. H. Leung
      Pages 272-283
    5. Aurélie Richard, Gaëlle Largeteau-Skapin, Marc Rodríguez, Eric Andres, Laurent Fuchs, Jean-Serge Dimitri Ouattara
      Pages 296-307
    6. Tristan Roussillon, Jacques-Olivier Lachaud
      Pages 308-319
    7. Peter Veelaert
      Pages 346-357
    8. Rita Zrour, Gaëlle Largeteau-Skapin, Eric Andres
      Pages 358-368
  7. Discrete Tomography

    1. K. Joost Batenburg, Wagner Fortes, Lajos Hajdu, Robert Tijdeman
      Pages 369-380
    2. Alexandre Blondin Massé, Andrea Frosini, Simone Rinaldi, Laurent Vuillon
      Pages 381-393
    3. Imants Svalbe, Shekhar Chandra
      Pages 406-416
    4. Imants Svalbe, Nicolas Normand
      Pages 417-428
  8. Morphological Analysis

    1. Fábio Dias, Jean Cousty, Laurent Najman
      Pages 441-452
    2. Nicolas Passat, Benoît Naegel
      Pages 453-464
  9. Discrete and Combinatorial Tools for Image Segmentation and Analysis

    1. Lidija Čomić, Mohammed Mostefa Mesmoudi, Leila De Floriani
      Pages 477-488
    2. Mousumi Dutt, Arindam Biswas, Partha Bhowmick
      Pages 489-500
    3. Fajie Li, Reinhard Klette
      Pages 513-524
  10. Back Matter

About these proceedings


This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 16th IAPR International Conference on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery, DGCI 2011, held in Nancy, France, in April 2011.
The 20 revised full papers and 20 revised poster papers presented together with 3 invited lectures were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on models for discrete geometry, discrete and combinatorial topology, geometric transforms, discrete shape representation, recognition and analysis, discrete tomography, morphological analysis, as well as discrete and combinatorial tools for image segmentation and analysis.


approximation computer graphics computer images digital imaging discrete geometry discrete tomography discrete topology elliptic curves fractals geometric computing image analysis image digitization image representation image segmentation pattern recognition visualization

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  • Eric Domenjoud
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  • Bertrand Kerautret
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  • Philippe Even
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