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Mechanical Integration of Plant Cells and Plants

  • Przemyslaw Wojtaszek

Part of the Signaling and Communication in Plants book series (SIGCOMM, volume 9)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Anna Kasprowicz, Michalina Smolarkiewicz, Magdalena Wierzchowiecka, Michał Michalak, Przemysław Wojtaszek
    Pages 1-25
  3. Ingo Burgert, John W. C. Dunlop
    Pages 27-52
  4. Peter Nick
    Pages 53-90
  5. Dorota Kwiatkowska, Jerzy Nakielski
    Pages 133-172
  6. E. Wassim Chehab, Yichuan Wang, Janet Braam
    Pages 173-194
  7. František Baluška, Dieter Volkmann
    Pages 195-223
  8. Anna Kasprowicz
    Pages 225-240
  9. Zygmunt Hejnowicz
    Pages 241-267
  10. B. Moulia, C. Der Loughian, R. Bastien, O. Martin, M. Rodríguez, D. Gourcilleau et al.
    Pages 269-302
  11. John S. Sperry
    Pages 303-327
  12. Shanfa Lu
    Pages 329-344
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 345-351

About this book


Chemical reactions and interactions between molecules are commonly considered the basis of life, and thus the biochemical nature of cells and organisms is relatively well recognized. Research conducted in recent years, however, increasingly indicates that physical forces profoundly affect the functioning of life at all levels of its organization. To detect and to respond to such forces, plant cells and plants need to be structured mechanically.

This volume focuses on mechanical aspects of plant life. It starts with a consideration of the mechanical integration of supracellular structures and mechanical properties of cellular building blocks to show how the structural integrity of plant cells is achieved and maintained during growth and development. The following chapters reveal how the functioning of integrated plant cells contributes to the mechanical integration of plants, and how the latter are able to detect physical stimuli and to reorganize their own cells in response to them. The mechanical aspects of plant responses to stresses are also presented. Finally, all these aspects are placed in an evolutionary context.


biomechanics integration of cellular and organismal functions intercellular communication intra communication mechanobiology plant cell biology

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  • Przemyslaw Wojtaszek
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  1. 1.Dept. of Molecular and Cellular BiologyAdam Mickiewicz UniversityPoznanPoland

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