The Ebro River Basin

  • Damià Barceló
  • Mira Petrovic

Part of the The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry book series (HEC, volume 13)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. A. M. Romaní, S. Sabater, I. Muñoz
    Pages 1-20
  3. Ramon J. Batalla, Damià Vericat
    Pages 21-46
  4. Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini, Bruno Majone, Alberto Bellin, C. Isabella Bovolo, Stephen Blenkinsop, H. J. Fowler
    Pages 47-75
  5. Jordi Prats, Joan Armengol, Rafael Marcé, Martí Sánchez-Juny, Josep Dolz
    Pages 77-95
  6. Sergi Sabater, Isabel Muñoz, Joan Artigas, Anna M. Romaní, Maricarmen Pérez, Concha Duran
    Pages 121-138
  7. Alícia Navarro-Ortega, Damià Barceló
    Pages 139-166
  8. Meritxell Gros, Mira Petrovic, Antoni Ginebreda, Damià Barceló
    Pages 209-237
  9. Luis Carrasco, Josep M. Bayona, Sergi Díez
    Pages 239-258
  10. Marianne Köck-Schulmeyer, Miren Lopez de Alda, Elena Martínez, Marinella Farré, Asunción Navarro, Antoni Ginebreda et al.
    Pages 259-274
  11. Benjamin Piña, Demetrio Raldúa, Carlos Barata, Melissa Faria, Anna Navarro, Joana Damasio et al.
    Pages 275-293
  12. C. I. Bovolo, S. Blenkinsop, B. Majone, M. Zambrano-Bigiarini, H. J. Fowler, A. Bellin et al.
    Pages 295-329
  13. Marta Terrado, Damià Barceló, Romà Tauler
    Pages 331-372
  14. M. S. Díaz-Cruz, R. M. Darbra, A. Ginebreda, P. D. Hansen, S. Sabater, L. Galbiati et al.
    Pages 373-424
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 425-431

About this book


The Ebro is a typical Mediterranean river characterized by seasonal low flows and extreme flush effects, with important agricultural and industrial activity that has caused heavy contamination problems. This volume deals with soil-sediment-groundwater related issues in the Ebro river basin and summarizes the results generated within the European Union-funded project AquaTerra. The following topics are highlighted: Hydrology and sediment transport and their alterations due to climate change, aquatic and riparian biodiversity in the Ebro watershed, occurrence and distribution of a wide range of priority and emerging contaminants, effects of chemical pollution on biota and integration of climate change scenarios with several aspects of the Ebro’s hydrology and potential impacts of climate change on pollution.

The primary objective of the book is to lay the foundation for a better understanding of the behavior of environmental pollutants and their fluxes with respect to climate and land use changes.


Ebro river basin global change hydrology pollution water quality and quantity

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  • Damià Barceló
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  • Mira Petrovic
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  1. 1., Department of Environmental ChemistryIDAEA-CSICBarcelonaSpain
  2. 2., Department of Environmental ChemistryIDAEA-CSICBarcelonaSpain

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