Phosphodiesterases as Drug Targets

  • Sharron H. Francis
  • Marco Conti
  • Miles D. Houslay

Part of the Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology book series (HEP, volume 204)

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  2. Christian Schudt, Armin Hatzelmann, Rolf Beume, Hermann Tenor
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  3. Sharron H. Francis, Miles D. Houslay, Marco Conti
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  4. Hermann Tenor, Armin Hatzelmann, Rolf Beume, Gezim Lahu, Karl Zech, Thomas D. Bethke
    Pages 85-119
  5. Hengming Ke, Huanchen Wang, Mengchun Ye
    Pages 121-134
  6. Didem Demirbas, Ozge Ceyhan, Arlene R. Wyman, Charles S. Hoffman
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  7. Joachim E. Schultz, Torsten Dunkern, Elvira Gawlitta-Gorka, Gabriele Sorg
    Pages 151-166
  8. Mark E. Gurney, Alex B. Burgin, Olafur T. Magnusson, Lance J. Stewart
    Pages 167-192
  9. Yongge Liu, Yasmin Shakur, Junichi Kambayashi
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  10. Matthew A. Movsesian, Rakesh C. Kukreja
    Pages 237-249
  11. F. Murray, M. R. MacLean, P. A. Insel
    Pages 279-305
  12. Justin M. Percival, Candace M. Adamo, Joseph A. Beavo, Stanley C. Froehner
    Pages 323-344
  13. Elisa Bjørgo, Kristine Moltu, Kjetil Taskén
    Pages 345-363
  14. Angie L. Hertz, Joseph A. Beavo
    Pages 365-390
  15. Yasmin Shakur, Harry P. de Koning, Hengming Ke, Junichi Kambayashi, Thomas Seebeck
    Pages 487-510
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About this book


Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases (PDEs) are promising targets for pharmacological intervention. Multiple PDE genes, isoform diversity, selective expression and compartmentation of the isoforms, and an array of conformations of PDE proteins are properties that challenge development of drugs that selectively target this class of enzymes. Novel characteristics of PDEs are viewed as unique opportunities to increase specificity and selectivity when designing novel compounds for certain therapeutic indications. This chapter provides a summary of the major concepts related to the design and use of PDE inhibitors.


cAMP cGMP inhibitors medicinal chemistry phosphodiesterases signaling

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