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New Developments and Applications in Sensing Technology

  • Subhas Chandra Mukhopadhyay
  • Aimé Lay-Ekuakille
  • Anton Fuchs

Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 83)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Julien Kerouedan, Patrick Quéffélec, Philippe Talbot, Cédric Quendo, Alain Le Brun
    Pages 1-13
  3. M. Neumayer, H. Zangl, D. Watzenig, A. Fuchs
    Pages 65-106
  4. L. Battaglini, P. Burrascano, A. Canova, F. Ficili, M. Ricci, D. Rossi et al.
    Pages 107-122
  5. N. K. Pawar, D. D. Kajale, G. E. Patil, S. D. Shinde, V. B. Gaikwad, Gotan H. Jain
    Pages 123-132
  6. D. A. Carnegie, J. R. K. McClymont, A. P. P. Jongenelen, B. Drayton, A. A. Dorrington, A. D. Payne
    Pages 133-155
  7. Gotan H. Jain, S. B. Nahire, D. D. Kajale, G. E. Patil, S. D. Shinde, D. N. Chavan et al.
    Pages 157-167
  8. M. Ibrahim, J. Claudel, D. Kourtiche, B. Assouar, M. Nadi
    Pages 169-189
  9. O. Postolache, P. Silva Girão, J. M. Dias Pereira
    Pages 191-206
  10. Satoshi Ikezawa, Muneaki Wakamatsu, Yury L’vovich Zimin, Joanna Pawlat, Toshitsugu Ueda
    Pages 207-232
  11. A. R. Mohd Syaifudin, K. P. Jayasundera, S. C. Mukhopadhyay
    Pages 253-278
  12. D. M. G. Preethichandra, E. M. I. Mala Ekanayake
    Pages 279-292
  13. Vasanth Iyer, S. Sitharama Iyengar, Garmiela Rama Murthy, Kannan Srinathan, Mandalika B. Srinivas, Regeti Govindarajulu
    Pages 305-320
  14. Takehito Azuma, Masachika Kurata, Noriko Takahashi, Shuichi Adachi
    Pages 321-331
  15. Back Matter

About this book


This book has focussed on different aspects of smart sensors and sensing technology, i.e. intelligent measurement, information processing, adaptability, recalibration, data fusion, validation,  high reliability and integration of novel and high performance sensors in the areas of magnetic, ultrasonic, vision and image sensing, wireless sensors and network, microfluidic, tactile, gyro, flow, surface acoustic wave, humidity and ultra-wide band. While future interest in this field is ensured by the constant supply of emerging modalities, techniques and engineering solutions, as well as an increasing need from aging structures, many of the basic concepts and strategies have already matured and now offer opportunities to build upon.

The book has primarily been focussed for postgraduate and research students working on different aspects of design and developments of smart sensors and sensing technology.



Chemical Sensors Fiber Optic Sensors Gas Sensors Intelligent and Smart Sensors Magnetic Sensors Medical Applications Physical Sensors Sensors Wireless Sensors and Network

Editors and affiliations

  • Subhas Chandra Mukhopadhyay
    • 1
  • Aimé Lay-Ekuakille
    • 2
  • Anton Fuchs
    • 3
  1. 1.School of Engineering and Advanced Technology (SEAT)Massey University (Manawatu Campus) Palmerston NorthNew Zealand
  2. 2.Dipartimento d’Ingegneria dell’innovazioneUniversity of Salento LecceItaly
  3. 3.Institute of Electrical Measurement and Measurement Signal ProcessingGraz University of Technology GrazAustria

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