Formal Methods and Software Engineering

12th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, ICFEM 2010, Shanghai, China, November 17-19, 2010. Proceedings

  • Jin Song Dong
  • Huibiao Zhu
Conference proceedings ICFEM 2010

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6447)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Invited Talks

  3. Theorem Proving and Decision Procedures

  4. Web Services and Workflow

    1. Natallia Kokash, Behnaz Changizi, Farhad Arbab
      Pages 106-121
    2. Fazle Rabbi, Hao Wang, Wendy MacCaull
      Pages 122-137
    3. Lei Zhou, Jing Ping, Hao Xiao, Zheng Wang, Geguang Pu, Zuohua Ding
      Pages 138-154
  5. Verification I

    1. Shengchao Qin, Chenguang Luo, Guanhua He, Florin Craciun, Wei-Ngan Chin
      Pages 171-187
    2. Xin Li, H. James Hoover, Piotr Rudnicki
      Pages 188-203
    3. Alessio Lomuscio, Ben Strulo, Nigel Walker, Peng Wu
      Pages 204-219
    4. Eugen-Ioan Goriac, Dorel Lucanu, Grigore Roşu
      Pages 220-236
  6. Applications of Formal Methods

    1. Hai H. Wang, Danica Damljanovic, Jing Sun
      Pages 237-252
    2. Denis Hatebur, Maritta Heisel
      Pages 253-269
    3. Andi Bejleri
      Pages 270-286
    4. Ken Madlener, Sjaak Smetsers, Marko van Eekelen
      Pages 287-302
  7. Verification II

    1. Youssef Hanna, David Samuelson, Samik Basu, Hridesh Rajan
      Pages 338-354
    2. Islam Abdelhalim, James Sharp, Steve Schneider, Helen Treharne
      Pages 371-387
  8. Probability and Concurrency

    1. Jun Sun, Songzheng Song, Yang Liu
      Pages 388-403
    2. Zijiang Yang, Karem Sakallah
      Pages 404-419
    3. Imene Ben-Hafaiedh, Susanne Graf, Sophie Quinton
      Pages 436-451
  9. Program Analysis

    1. Isabella Mastroeni, Đurica Nikolić
      Pages 452-467
    2. Shengchao Qin, Guanhua He, Chenguang Luo, Wei-Ngan Chin
      Pages 468-484
    3. Andreas Vogelsang, Ansgar Fehnker, Ralf Huuck, Wolfgang Reif
      Pages 485-500
    4. Kazuhiro Ogata, Kokichi Futatsugi
      Pages 501-517
  10. Model Checking

    1. Jun Sun, Yang Liu, Bin Cheng
      Pages 518-533
    2. Jonathan Ezekiel, Alessio Lomuscio
      Pages 549-564
    3. Rüdiger Ehlers, Michael Gerke, Hans-Jörg Peter
      Pages 565-580
    4. Marc Frappier, Benoît Fraikin, Romain Chossart, Raphaël Chane-Yack-Fa, Mohammed Ouenzar
      Pages 581-596
  11. Object Orientation and Model Driven Engineering

    1. Scott West, Sebastian Nanz, Bertrand Meyer
      Pages 597-612
    2. Prabhu Shankar Kaliappan, Hartmut König, Sebastian Schmerl
      Pages 613-629
    3. Hong Zhu, Ian Bayley
      Pages 630-645
    4. Einar Broch Johnsen, Olaf Owe, Rudolf Schlatte, Silvia Lizeth Tapia Tarifa
      Pages 646-661
  12. Specification and Verification

    1. Xi Wang, Shaoying Liu, Huaikou Miao
      Pages 662-677
    2. Cong Tian, Zhenhua Duan
      Pages 694-709
  13. Back Matter

About these proceedings


This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 12th International
Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, ICFEM 2010, held in Shanghai, China,
November 2010.

The 42 revised full papers together with 3 invited talks presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 114 submissions. The papers address all current issues in formal methods and their applications in software engineering. They are organized in topical sections on theorem proving and decision procedures, web services and workflow, verification, applications of formal methods, probability and concurrency, program analysis, model checking, object orientation and mod
el driven engineering, as well as specification and verification.


BPEL Web Services algebraic specification automata automated verification automatic translation behavioral specification bounded model checking case analysis combined domain component-based sysetms decision procedure equational theory software engineering verification

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  • Jin Song Dong
    • 1
  • Huibiao Zhu
    • 2
  1. 1.School of Computing, Computer Science DeptNational University of SingaporeSingaporeSingapore
  2. 2.Software Engineering InstituteEast China Normal UniversityShanghaiChina

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