Transport Systems Telematics

10th Conference, TST 2010, Katowice – Ustroń, Poland, October 20-23, 2010. Selected Papers

  • Jerzy Mikulski
Conference proceedings TST 2010

Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 104)

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  1. Front Matter
  2. Aleš Janota, Jozef Hrbček
    Pages 30-37
  3. Andrzej Bujak, Zdzisław Śliwa, Alicja Gębczyńska
    Pages 38-50
  4. Andrzej Lewiński, Andrzej Toruń
    Pages 67-74
  5. Elżbieta Szychta, Leszek Szychta, Kamil Kiraga
    Pages 96-106
  6. Elżbieta Macioszek, Grzegorz Sierpiński, Leszek Czapkowski
    Pages 107-114
  7. Elżbieta Macioszek, Grzegorz Sierpiński, Leszek Czapkowski
    Pages 115-124
  8. Gabriel Nowacki, Izabella Mitraszewska, Tomasz Kamiński, Włodzimierz Potapczuk, Thomas Kallweit
    Pages 125-132
  9. Grzegorz Dydkowski, Robert Tomanek
    Pages 133-141
  10. Jacek Januszewski
    Pages 142-151
  11. Janusz Uriasz
    Pages 160-167
  12. Jerzy Mikulski
    Pages 175-182
  13. Krzysztof Okarma, Przemysław Mazurek
    Pages 218-225
  14. Andrzej Lewiński, Lucyna Bester
    Pages 226-231
  15. Mária Franeková, Karol Rástočný
    Pages 232-242
  16. Mihaela Bukljaš Skočibušić, Natalija Jolić, Zdravko Bukljaš
    Pages 243-252
  17. Michał Markiewicz, Marek Skomorowski
    Pages 271-277
  18. Miroslav Svitek, Vladimir Faltus, Zdenek Lokaj
    Pages 278-285
  19. Mirosław Luft, Elżbieta Szychta, Radosław Cioć, Daniel Pietruszczak
    Pages 286-295
  20. Mirosław Siergiejczyk, Stanisław Gago
    Pages 296-307
  21. Christo Chrsistov, Nelly Stoytcheva, Maria Christova
    Pages 308-319
  22. Oleg Antemijczuk, Krzysztof A. Cyran, Eugeniusz Wróbel
    Pages 320-326
  23. Li Liu, Piotr Olszewski, Pong-Chai Goh
    Pages 335-346
  24. Rafał Bobiński, Anna Michalik
    Pages 356-363
  25. Renata Żochowska, Ireneusz Celiński, Aleksander Sobota, Leszek Czapkowski
    Pages 364-373
  26. Ryszard Janecki, Stanisław Krawiec
    Pages 374-383
  27. Ryszard Krystek, Joanna Żukowska, Lech Michalski
    Pages 384-390
  28. Stanisław Kwasniowski, Mateusz Zajac, Paweł Zajac
    Pages 391-399
  29. Wlodzimierz Filipowicz
    Pages 434-446
  30. Zbigniew Łukasik, Waldemar Nowakowski
    Pages 447-454

About these proceedings


The idea of telematics appeared more than a decade ago and it is possible to define it, in a general and simple way, as a communication system for collecting, processing and distributing information. The transport services market is definitely the most important area for telematic applications. Transport-telematics issues constitute a field of knowledge of transport that integrates information technology and telecommunications in applications for managing and controlling traffic in transport systems, stimulating technical and organizational activities that ensure improved effectiveness and safe operation of such systems. Integrated and cooperating telematic applications constitute intelligent transport systems. The basis of such systems is to efficiently collect and process information and to manage its flow within the system. This enables supplying information from almost all areas of transport activities in real time. Intelligent transport––supported by a number of integrated telecommunications, IT measurement and control engineering solutions, and by appropriate tools and software––comprises telematic applications. They have an extensive range of use in many areas of transport, allowing the integration of the means and types of transport, including its infrastructure, business organization and management processes. This monograph is a collection of selected papers presented at the jubilee transport telematics conference, TST 2010, and is the result of the work of many scientists associated with this area of knowledge and who had spent years with the conference.


crisis management environment protection intelligent transport systems telematic transport systems management

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