Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems

13th International Conference, MODELS 2010, Oslo, Norway, October 3-8, 2010, Proceedings, Part II

  • Dorina C. Petriu
  • Nicolas Rouquette
  • Øystein Haugen
Conference proceedings MODELS 2010

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6395)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Keynote 2

    1. Pamela Zave
      Pages 1-1
    2. Session 4a: Distributed/Embedded Software Development

      1. Taylor L. Riché, Harrick M. Vin, Don Batory
        Pages 2-16
      2. Georg Grossmann, Michael Schrefl, Markus Stumptner
        Pages 17-31
    3. Session 4b: (De)Composition and Refactoring

      1. Brice Morin, Jacques Klein, Jörg Kienzle, Jean-Marc Jézéquel
        Pages 63-77
      2. Jan Reimann, Mirko Seifert, Uwe Aßmann
        Pages 78-92
    4. Session 4c: Model Change

      1. Christian Gerth, Jochen M. Küster, Markus Luckey, Gregor Engels
        Pages 93-107
      2. Patrick Könemann
        Pages 108-122
      3. Iris Groher, Alexander Egyed
        Pages 123-137
    5. Session 5a: (Meta)Models at Runtime

      1. Marcus Denker, Jorge Ressia, Orla Greevy, Oscar Nierstrasz
        Pages 138-152
      2. Stefan Berger, Georg Grossmann, Markus Stumptner, Michael Schrefl
        Pages 153-167
      3. Hui Song, Gang Huang, Yingfei Xiong, Franck Chauvel, Yanchun Sun, Hong Mei
        Pages 168-182
    6. Session 5b: Requirements Engineering

      1. Daniel Méndez Fernández, Birgit Penzenstadler, Marco Kuhrmann, Manfred Broy
        Pages 183-197
      2. Shahram Esmaeilsabzali, Nancy A. Day, Joanne M. Atlee
        Pages 198-212
      3. Grzegorz Loniewski, Emilio Insfran, Silvia Abrahão
        Pages 213-227
    7. Session 5c: Slicing and Model Transformations

      1. Kevin Lano, Shekoufeh Kolahdouz-Rahimi
        Pages 228-242
      2. Tirdad Rahmani, Daniel Oberle, Marco Dahms
        Pages 243-257
  3. Keynote 3

    1. Edward A. Lee
      Pages 273-287
    2. Session 6a: Incorporating Quality Concerns in MDD

      1. Emilio Insfran, Javier Gonzalez-Huerta, Silvia Abrahão
        Pages 288-302
      2. Marcos Aurélio Almeida da Silva, Reda Bendraou, Xavier Blanc, Marie-Pierre Gervais
        Pages 303-317
      3. Marcos Aurélio Almeida da Silva, Alix Mougenot, Reda Bendraou, Jacques Robin, Xavier Blanc
        Pages 318-330
    3. Session 6b: Model-Driven Engineering in Practice

      1. Vinay Kulkarni, Sreedhar Reddy, Asha Rajbhoj
        Pages 331-345
      2. Vincent Lussenburg, Tijs van der Storm, Jurgen Vinju, Jos Warmer
        Pages 346-360
      3. Emilio Rodriguez-Priego, Francisco J. García-Izquierdo, Ángel Luis Rubio
        Pages 361-375
    4. Session 6c: Modeling Architecture

      1. Hamid Bagheri, Kevin Sullivan
        Pages 376-390
      2. Gerd Kainz, Christian Buckl, Stephan Sommer, Alois Knoll
        Pages 391-405
      3. Lars Pareto, Peter Eriksson, Staffan Ehnebom
        Pages 406-419
  4. Back Matter

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  2. Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems
    13th International Conference, MODELS 2010, Oslo, Norway, October 3-8, 2010, Proceedings, Part II
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About these proceedings


The MODELS series of conferences is the premier venue for the exchange of - novative technical ideas and experiences focusing on a very important new te- nical discipline: model-driven software and systems engineering. The expansion ofthisdisciplineisadirectconsequenceoftheincreasingsigni?canceandsuccess of model-based methods in practice. Numerous e?orts resulted in the invention of concepts, languagesand tools for the de?nition, analysis,transformation, and veri?cationofdomain-speci?cmodelinglanguagesandgeneral-purposemodeling language standards, as well as their use for software and systems engineering. MODELS 2010, the 13th edition of the conference series, took place in Oslo, Norway, October 3-8, 2010, along with numerous satellite workshops, symposia and tutorials. The conference was fortunate to have three prominent keynote speakers: Ole Lehrmann Madsen (Aarhus University, Denmark), Edward A. Lee (UC Berkeley, USA) and Pamela Zave (AT&T Laboratories, USA). To provide a broader forum for reporting on scienti?c progress as well as on experience stemming from practical applications of model-based methods, the 2010 conference accepted submissions in two distinct tracks: Foundations and Applications. The primary objective of the ?rst track is to present new research results dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art of the discipline, whereas the second aims to provide a realistic and veri?able picture of the current state-- the-practice of model-based engineering, so that the broader community could be better informed of the capabilities and successes of this relatively young discipline. This volume contains the ?nal version of the papers accepted for presentation at the conference from both tracks.


Action BPM Factor Requirements Engineering architecture analysis architecture description language business process modeling code generation complexity component-based systems computational geometry design language embedded sy modeling quality assurance

Editors and affiliations

  • Dorina C. Petriu
    • 1
  • Nicolas Rouquette
    • 2
  • Øystein Haugen
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of Systems and Computer EngineeringCarleton UniversityOttawaCanada
  2. 2.Flight Software Systems Engineering and Srchitecture GroupJet Propulsion LaboratoryPasadenaUSA
  3. 3.SINTEF IKTOsloNorway

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