Proceedings of the 37th International Symposium on Archaeometry, 13th - 16th May 2008, Siena, Italy

Proceedings of the 37th International Symposium on Archaeometry, 13th - 16th May 2008, Siena, Italy

  • Isabella Turbanti-Memmi

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xlv
  2. Ceramics, Glazes, Glass and Vitreous Materials (Technology and Provenance)

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. F. M. Alawneh, H. A. Béarat
      Pages 3-8
    3. D. Braekmans, B. Neyt, P. Degryse, J. Elsen, J. Poblome, M. Waelkens
      Pages 33-40
    4. E. Gliozzo, A. Comini, A. Cherubini, A. Ciacci, A. Moroni, I. Turbanti Memmi
      Pages 61-69
    5. Z. Kasztovszky, J. Kunicki-Goldfinger
      Pages 83-90
    6. A. Kocsonya, A. Váradi, I. Fórizs, I. Kovács, Z. Kasztovszky, Z. Szőkefalvi-Nagy
      Pages 91-97
    7. A. Mangone, L. C. Giannossa, G. Colafemmina, R. Laviano, V. Redavid, A. Traini
      Pages 99-104
    8. G. Montana, A. Corretti, A. M. Polito, F. Spatafora
      Pages 113-118
    9. A. Polla, I. Angelini, G. Artioli, P. Bellintani, A. Dore
      Pages 139-144
    10. I. Reiche, C. Boust, J.-J. Ezrati, S. Peschard, J. Tate, L. Troalen et al.
      Pages 145-151
    11. V. Szilágyi, H. Taubald, T. K. Biró, S. J. Koós, P. Csengeri, M. Tóth et al.
      Pages 159-167
    12. S. Wei, G. Song, M. Schreiner
      Pages 169-175
  3. Stone, Plaster and Pigments (Technology and Provenance)

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 185-185
    2. R. Belli, G. Dalmeri, A. Frongia, S. Gialanella, M. Mattarelli, M. Montagna et al.
      Pages 187-192
    3. A. Borghi, E. D’Amicone, M. Serra, G. Vaggelli, L. Vigna
      Pages 193-198
    4. M. Giamello, F. Droghini, F. Gabbrielli, G. Guasparri, S. Mugnaini, G. Sabatini et al.
      Pages 221-226
    5. A. P. Gonçalves, A. M. Monge Soares, A. C. Silva, L. Berrocal-Rangel
      Pages 227-231
    6. A. Križnar, M. V. Muñoz, F. de La Paz, M. A. Respaldiza, M. Vega
      Pages 239-245
    7. H. H. M. Mahmoud, N. A. Kantiranis, E. Pavlidou, J. A. Stratis
      Pages 267-272
    8. L. A. Pavlish, R. G. V. Hancock, A. C. D’Andrea
      Pages 279-284
    9. B. Péterdi, G. Szakmány, K. Judik, G. Dobosi, Z. Kasztovszky, V. Szilágyi
      Pages 285-292
    10. F. Pintér, J. Weber, B. Bajnóczi, M. Tóth
      Pages 293-298

About these proceedings


The book contains the Proceedings of the 37th International Symposium on Archaeometry, 12th -16th May 2008, Siena, Italy. The aim of the Symposium is to promote the development and use of scientific techniques in order to extract archaeological and historical information from the cultural heritage and the paleoenvironment. It involves all Natural Sciences and all types of objects and materials related with human activity. Papers deal with the development and/or application of scientific techniques for extracting information related to human activities of the past, including the biological nature of man himself and the environment in which he lived.

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  • Isabella Turbanti-Memmi
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  1. 1., Dipartimiento di Scienze della TerraUniversity of SienaSienaItaly

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