Biology of Earthworms

  • Ayten Karaca

Part of the Soil Biology book series (SOILBIOL, volume 24)

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  2. Jan Valckx, Gerard Govers, Martin Hermy, Bart Muys
    Pages 19-38
  3. Yasemin Kavdir, Remzi İlay
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  4. María Jesús Iglesias Briones, Trevor George Piearce
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  5. Darío J. Díaz Cosín, Marta Novo, Rosa Fernández
    Pages 69-86
  6. Kevin Richard Butt, Christopher Nathan Lowe
    Pages 107-121
  7. Ridvan Kizilkaya, Ayten Karaca, Oguz Can Turgay, Sema Camci Cetin
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  8. Avril Rothwell, Keith Chaney, Pat Haydock
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  9. Mukesh K. Meghvansi, Lokendra Singh, Ravi B. Srivastava, Ajit Varma
    Pages 173-189
  10. J. Tajbakhsh, E. Mohammadi Goltapeh, Ajit Varma
    Pages 215-228
  11. Péter Engelmann, Edwin L. Cooper, Balázs Opper, Péter Németh
    Pages 229-245
  12. Yung-Ming Chang, Wei-Yi Chi, Edwin L. Cooper, Wei-Wen Kuo, Chih-Yang Huang
    Pages 247-260
  13. Heinz-Christian Fründ, Ulfert Graefe, Sabine Tischer
    Pages 261-278
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About this book


Earthworms, which belong to the order Oligochaeta, comprise roughly 3,000 species grouped into five families. Earthworms have been called ‘ecosystem engineers’; much like human engineers, they change the structure of their environments. Earthworms are very versatile and are found in nearly all terrestrial ecosystems. They play an important role in forest and agricultural ecosystems. This Soil Biology volume describes the various facets of earthworms, such as their role in soil improvement, soil structure, and the biocontrol of soil-borne plant fungal diseases. Reviews discuss earthworms’ innate immune system, molecular markers to address various issues of earthworm ecology, earthworm population dynamics, and the influences of organic farming systems and tillage. Further topics include the characteristics of vermicompost, relationships between soil earthworms and enzymes, the role of spermathecae, copulatory behavior, and adjustment of the donated sperm volume.


Decomposition Humification Oligochaeta Soil dwelling Soil food web

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