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Combating Fungal Infections

Problems and Remedy

  • Iqbal Ahmad
  • Mohammad Owais
  • Mohammed Shahid
  • Farrukh Aqil

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  2. Ricardo Araujo, Cidália Pina-Vaz, Acácio Gonçalves Rodrigues
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  3. Mohd Sajjad Ahmad Khan, Iqbal Ahmad, Farrukh Aqil, Mohd Owais, Mohd Shahid, Javed Musarrat
    Pages 21-45
  4. Jose L. Blanco, Marta E. Garcia
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  5. Shamim Ahmad, Mohd Sajjad Ahmad Khan, Fohad Mabood Hussain, Iqbal Ahmad
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  6. Vassilios Fanos, Marco Zaffanello, Laura Cuzzolin, Luigi Cataldi
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  7. Ricardo Araujo, Ana Espinel-Ingroff
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    Pages 449-484

About this book


The currently available means of combating fungal infections are still weak and clumsy. The application of fungal genomics offers an unparalleled opportunity to develop novel antifungal drugs. Interestingly, several novel antifungal drug targets have already been identified and validated. However, it is too early to expect any novel antifungal drug as drug discovery programs are still in their infancy. In addition to classical and genomic approaches to drug discovery, traditional knowledge derived from natural products and phytomedicine can provide a multitude of alternative modes of combating fungal infection. This book comprises 20 chapters on various aspects pertaining to fungal diseases in human and animals, their reservoir, fungal pathogenesis, their management and recent advances in their treatment. Issues of antifungal drug toxicity, especially nephrotoxicity, are also discussed. The development of resistance in fungal pathogens, including multidrug resistance and its mechanism, is dealt with in two chapters. Diverse diagnostic approaches to fungal infections are also reviewed. The combinational drug strategies used in combating invasive fungal infections are addressed in detail. The management of pulmonary mycoses in stem cell transplantation is also given special focus. Novel antifungal drugs (synthetic and herbal), fungal vaccines, and metabolic pathways as drug targets are discussed in detail in three different chapters. Subsequently the roles of innate immunity, cytokine therapy and immunomodulators in the treatment of fungal infections are elaborated upon. As novel drug delivery systems have a great potential for modifying the pharmacokinetics of medications, the last chapter takes this fact into consideration in its examination of state-of-the-art delivery systems in controlling fungal infections.


cytokine diseases drug drug discovery drug resistance fungal infection infection infections innate immunity pathogenesis resistance stem cell transplantation toxicity transplantation vaccine

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