Geometry of Homogeneous Bounded Domains

  • Editors
  • E. Vesentini

Part of the C.I.M.E. Summer Schools book series (CIME, volume 45)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-iii
  2. S. G. Gindikin, I. I. Pjatecckiǐ-Šapiro, E. B. Vinberg
    Pages 1-87
  3. Stephen J. Greenfield
    Pages 89-108

About this book


S.G. Gindikin, I.I. Pjateckii-Sapiro, E.B. Vinberg: Homogeneous Kähler manifolds.- S.G. Greenfield: Extendibility properties of real submanifolds of Cn.- W. Kaup: Holomorphische Abbildungen in Hyperbolische Räume.- A. Koranyi: Holomorphic and harmonic functions on bounded symmetric domains.- J.L. Koszul: Formes harmoniques vectorielles sur les espaces localement symétriques.- S. Murakami: Plongements holomorphes de domaines symétriques.- E.M. Stein: The analogues of Fatous’s theorem and estimates for maximal functions.

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