Gravity, Geoid and Earth Observation

IAG Commission 2: Gravity Field, Chania, Crete, Greece, 23-27 June 2008

  • Stelios P. Mertikas
Conference proceedings

Part of the International Association of Geodesy Symposia book series (IAG SYMPOSIA, volume 135)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxiv
  2. Gravimetry (Terrestrial, Shipborne, Airborne) and Gravity Networks

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Ch. Gerlach, R. Dorobantu, Ch. Ackermann, N.S. Kjørsvik, G. Boedecker
      Pages 3-9
    3. P. Vajda, P. Vaníček, P. Novák, R. Tenzer, A. Ellmann, B. Meurers
      Pages 19-24
    4. P. Vajda, A. Ellmann, B. Meurers, P. Vaníček, P. Novák, R. Tenzer
      Pages 25-30
    5. O. Francis, T. van Dam, A. Germak, M. Amalvict, R. Bayer, M. Bilker-Koivula et al.
      Pages 31-35
    6. S. Svitlov, C. Rothleitner, L.J. Wang
      Pages 75-81
    7. B. A. Alberts, B. C. Gunter, A. Muis, Q. P. Chu, G. Giorgi, L. Huisman et al.
      Pages 93-100
    8. G. D’Agostino, A. Germak, D. Quagliotti, O. Pinzon, R. Batista, L. A. Echevers
      Pages 101-105
    9. S. Merlet, J. Le Gouët, Q. Bodart, A. Clairon, A. Landragin, F. Pereira Dos Santos et al.
      Pages 115-121
  3. Space-Borne Gravimetry: Present and Future

  4. Earth Observation by Satellite Altimetry and InSAR

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 203-203
    2. P. A. M. Berry, J. A. Freeman, R. G. Smith
      Pages 213-220
    3. P. A. M. Berry, R. G. Smith, J. Benveniste
      Pages 231-237
    4. O. B. Andersen, A. V. Olesen, R. Forsberg, G. Strykowski, K. S. Cordua, X. Zhang
      Pages 239-245
    5. A. Albertella, X. Wang, R. Rummel
      Pages 247-252
    6. L. Fenoglio-Marc, M. Fehlau, L. Ferri, M. Becker, Y. Gao, S. Vignudelli
      Pages 253-261
  5. Geoid Modeling and Vertical Datums

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 271-271
    2. M. Liker, M. Lučić, B. Barišić, M. Repanić, I. Grgić, T. Bašić
      Pages 283-288
    3. E. Rangelova, G. Fotopoulos, M. G. Sideris
      Pages 295-302
    4. A. Fotiou, V. N. Grigoriadis, C. Pikridas, D. Rossikopoulos, I. N. Tziavos, G. S. Vergos
      Pages 309-314
    5. A. Kenyeres, M. Sacher, J. Ihde, H. Denker, U. Marti
      Pages 315-320
    6. S. R. C. de Freitas, V. G. Ferreira, A. S. Palmeiro, J. L. B. de Carvalho, L. F. da Silva
      Pages 321-327
    7. A. P. Falcão, J. Matos, A. Gonçalves, J. Casaca, J. Sousa
      Pages 329-332
  6. Regional Gravity Field Modeling

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 339-339

About these proceedings


These Proceedings include the written version of papers presented at the IAG International Symposium on "Gravity, Geoid and Earth Observation 2008". The Symposium was held in Chania, Crete, Greece, 23-27 June 2008 and organized by the Laboratory of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering, Technical University of Crete, Greece. The meeting was arranged by the International Association of Geodesy and in particular by the IAG Commission 2: Gravity Field.

The symposium aimed at bringing together geodesists and geophysicists working in the general areas of gravity, geoid, geodynamics and Earth observation. Besides covering the traditional research areas, special attention was paid to the use of geodetic methods for: Earth observation, environmental monitoring, Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS), Earth Gravity Models (e.g., EGM08), geodynamics studies, dedicated gravity satellite missions (i.e., GOCE), airborne gravity surveys, Geodesy and geodynamics in polar regions, and the integration of geodetic and geophysical information.


Earth Observation Geodynamics Gravity Models Satellite Gravity Missions geodesy satellite

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  • Stelios P. Mertikas
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  1. 1.Dept. Mineral Resources Engineering, Lab. Geodesy / GeomaticsTechnical University of CreteChania, CreteGreece

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