Stochastic Energetics

  • Ken Sekimoto

Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 799)

Table of contents

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  2. Background of the Energetics of Stochastic Processes

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  3. Basics of Stochastic Energetics

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  4. Applications of Stochastic Energetics

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      Pages 223-253
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      Pages 255-279
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About this book


Stochastic Energetics by now commonly designates the emerging field that bridges the gap between stochastic dynamical processes and  thermodynamics.

Triggered by the vast improvements in spatio-temporal resolution in nanotechnology, stochastic energetics develops a framework for quantifying individual realizations of a stochastic process on  the mesoscopic scale of thermal fluctuations.

This is needed to answer such novel questions as:

Can one cool a drop of water by agitating an immersed nano-particle?

How does heat flow if a Brownian particle pulls a polymer chain?

Can one measure the free-energy of a system through a single realization of the associated stochastic process?

This book will take the reader gradually from the basics to the applications: Part I provides the necessary background from stochastic dynamics (Langevin, master equation), Part II introduces how stochastic energetics describes such basic notions as heat and work on the mesoscopic scale, Part III details several applications, such as control and detection processes, as well as free-energy transducers.

It aims in particular at researchers and graduate students working in the fields of nanoscience and technology.


Stochastic processes in mesoscopic systems nanotechnology statistical thermodynamics stochastic energetics thermodynamics

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