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Security and Privacy in Mobile Information and Communication Systems

First International ICST Conference, MobiSec 2009, Turin, Italy, June 3-5, 2009, Revised Selected Papers

  • Andreas U. Schmidt
  • Shiguo Lian
Conference proceedings MobiSec 2009

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Dang Quan Nguyen, Louise Lamont, Peter C. Mason
    Pages 1-13
  3. Abhishek Parakh, Subhash Kak
    Pages 14-22
  4. Stephen Badan, Julien Probst, Markus Jaton, Damien Vionnet, Jean-Frédéric Wagen, Gérald Litzistorf
    Pages 23-34
  5. Chae Duk Jung, Chul Sur, Youngho Park, Kyung-Hyune Rhee
    Pages 35-45
  6. Qingshui Xue, Fengying Li, Yuan Zhou, Jiping Zhang, Zhenfu Cao, Haifeng Qian
    Pages 58-70
  7. Xinwen Zhang, Onur Acıiçmez, Jean-Pierre Seifert
    Pages 71-82
  8. Andrew Brown, Mark Ryan
    Pages 83-96
  9. Jorn Lapon, Bram Verdegem, Pieter Verhaeghe, Vincent Naessens, Bart De Decker
    Pages 97-109
  10. Juho Heikkilä, Andrei Gurtov
    Pages 110-121
  11. Jan Krhovjak, Vashek Matyas, Jiri Zizkovsky
    Pages 122-133
  12. Matteo Bandinelli, Federica Paganelli, Gianluca Vannuccini, Dino Giuli
    Pages 134-147
  13. Takayuki Shimizu, Hisato Iwai, Hideichi Sasaoka
    Pages 148-159
  14. Mathieu David, Neeli R. Prasad
    Pages 172-179
  15. Dmitriy Kuptsov, Andrei Gurtov
    Pages 190-201
  16. Maria Chiara Laghi, Michele Amoretti, Gianni Conte
    Pages 202-213

About these proceedings


MobiSec 2009 was the first ICST conference on security and privacy in mobile information and communication systems. With the the vast area of mobile technology research and application, the intention behind the creation of MobiSec was to make a small, but unique contribution to build a bridge between top-level research and large scale application of novel kinds of information security for mobile devices and communication.

The papers at MobiSec 2009 dealt with a broad variety of subjects ranging from issues of trust in and security of mobile devices and embedded hardware security, over efficient cryptography for resource-restricted platforms, to advanced applications such as wireless sensor networks, user authentication, and privacy in an environment of autonomously communicating objects. With hindsight a leitmotif emerged from these contributions, which corrobarated the idea behind MobiSec; a set of powerful tools have been created in various branches of the security discipline, which await combined application to build trust and security into mobile (that is, all future) networks, autonomous and personal devices, and pervasive applications


Bridge WiMAX authentication communication communication system cryptography manet mobile ad hoc network mobile agents mobile phone platforms mobile security privacy public key security sensor networks

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