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Prospective Energy and Material Resources

  • Viorel Badescu

Table of contents

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  8. Chapter 7

  9. Chapter 8

    1. George H. Miley, Xiaoling Yang, Eric Rice
      Pages 213-239
  10. Chapter 9

  11. Chapter 10

    1. Alexander A. Bolonkin
      Pages 287-329
  12. Chapter 11

    1. Paul Morgan
      Pages 331-349
  13. Chapter 12

    1. Matthew Silver, Wilfried Hofstetter, Chase Cooper, Jeffrey Hoffman
      Pages 351-368
  14. Chapter 13

    1. Joseph E. Palaia IV, Mark S. Homnick, Frank Crossman, Alexander Stimpson, John Truett
      Pages 369-400
  15. Chapter 14

    1. Kimberly R. Kuhlman, Alberto Behar, Jack Jones, Penelope Boston, Jeffrey Antol, Gregory Hajos et al.
      Pages 401-429
  16. Chapter 15

  17. Chapter 16

  18. Chapter 17

    1. Yuuki Yazawa, Takashi Mikouchi, Hiroshi Takeda
      Pages 483-516
  19. Chapter 18

    1. Masamichi Yamashita, Hirofumi Hashimoto, Hidenori Wada
      Pages 517-542
  20. Chapter 19

About this book


The manned mission is seen as a first step towards a Mars surface exploration base-station and, later, establishing permanent settlement. The location and use of Mars’s natural resources is vital to enable cost-effective long-duration human exploration and exploitation missions as well as subsequent human colonization. Planet resources include various crust-lodged materials, a low-pressure natural atmosphere, assorted forms of utilizable energy, lower gravity than Earth’s, and ground placement advantages relative to human operability and living standards. Power resources may include using solar and wind energy, importation of nuclear reactors and the harvesting of geothermal potential.

In fact, a new branch of human civilization could be established permanently on Mars in the next century. But, meantime, an inventory and proper social assessment of Mars’s prospective energy and material resources is required. This book investigates the possibilities and limitations of various systems supplying manned bases on Mars with energy and other vital resources. The book collects together recent proposals and innovative options and solutions. It is a useful source of condensed information for specialists involved in current and impending Mars-related activities and a good starting point for young researchers.


Energy sources and Resources In-Situ Resource Utilization Mars exploration Material Resources Planet Solar Radiation Wind Energy environment plants solar solar energy space

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