Combustion Noise

  • Anna Schwarz
  • Johannes Janicka

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Bernd Mühlbauer, Berthold Noll, Roland Ewert, Oliver Kornow, Manfred Aigner
    Pages 1-31
  3. C. Bender, F. Zhang, P. Habisreuther, H. Büchner, H. Bockhorn
    Pages 33-62
  4. Anna Schwarz, Felix Flemming, Martin Freitag, Johannes Janicka
    Pages 63-88
  5. Rafael Piscoya, Haike Brick, Martin Ochmann, Peter Költzsch
    Pages 89-123
  6. Friedrich Bake, André Fischer, Nancy Kings, Ingo Röhle
    Pages 125-146
  7. Fabian Weyermann, Christoph Hirsch, Thomas Sattelmayer
    Pages 147-174
  8. Thanh Phong Bui, Wolfgang Schröder
    Pages 175-215
  9. G. Fru, H. Shalaby, A. Laverdant, C. Zistl, G. Janiga, D. Thévenin
    Pages 239-268
  10. Christian Pfeifer, Jonas P. Moeck, C. Oliver Paschereit, Lars Enghardt
    Pages 269-291
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 1-1

About this book


The reduction of noise emissions is a topic of increasing relevance in the public as well as for the economy. So far, the research has mainly concentrated on aerodynamic noise formation by airplanes, as well as other vehicles. The authors of this book go beyond this standard approach for noise reduction and explore the noise generation by combustion. They

develop methods and design criteria in order to minimize the noise formation by combustion in general but in particular for aircraft engines in particular. Hereby the research is focused on the noise formation and propagation in the environment directly linked to the combustion process, since today the understanding of these detailed formation mechanisms of combustion noise is still fragmentary. The book gives a detailed insight into combustion noise and the underlying physical processes combining experiments and simulations.


Acoustic Emission Burners Combustion Chamber Flows combustion entropy modeling noise radiation simulation sound swirl flames wave

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  • Anna Schwarz
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  • Johannes Janicka
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