Questions of Modern Cosmology

Galileo's Legacy

  • Mauro D'Onofrio
  • Carlo Burigana

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-26
  2. Mauro D’Onofrio, Carlo Burigana
    Pages 1-5
  3. Matthias Bartelmann, Charles L. Bennett, Carlo Burigana, Cesare Chiosi, Mauro D’Onofrio, Alan Dressler et al.
    Pages 7-201
  4. Amedeo Balbi, Charles L. Bennett, Martin Bucher, Carlo Burigana, Peter Coles, Mauro D’Onofrio et al.
    Pages 203-299
  5. Carlo Burigana, Salvatore Capozziello, Cesare Chiosi, Mauro D’Onofrio, Malcolm Longair, Philip Mannheim et al.
    Pages 301-428
  6. Matthias Bartelmann, Charles L. Bennett, Martin Bucher, Carlo Burigana, Massimo Capaccioli, Mauro D’Onofrio et al.
    Pages 429-501
  7. Mauro D’Onofrio, Carlo Burigana
    Pages 503-513
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 1-16

About this book


  • Are we living in the "golden age" of cosmology?
  • Are we close to understanding the nature of the unknown ingredients of the currently most accepted cosmological model and the physics of the early Universe? Or are we instead approaching a paradigm shift?
  • What is dark matter and does it exist? How is it distributed around galaxies and clusters?
  • Is the scientific community open to alternative ideas that may prompt a new scientific revolution - as the Copernican revolution did in Galileo's time?
  • Do other types of supernovae exist that can be of interest for cosmology?
  • Why have quasars never been effectively used as standard candles?
  • Can you tell us about the scientific adventure of COBE?
  • How does the extraction of the Cosmic Microwave Background anisotropy depend on the subtraction of the various astrophysical foregrounds?

These, among many others, are the astrophysical, philosophical and sociological questions surrounding modern cosmology and the scientific community that Mauro D'Onofrio and Carlo Burigana pose to some of the most prominent cosmologists of our time. Triggered by these questions and in the spirit of Galileo's book "Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems" the roughly 40 interview partners reply in the form of essays, with a critical frankness not normally found in reviews, monographs or textbooks.


Cosmic Microwave Background Cosmology Dark Energy Dark matter Galileo IYA 2009 Standard Model Universe Year of Astronomy astronomy quasar

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  • Carlo Burigana

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