Applications of Synchrotron Light to Scattering and Diffraction in Materials and Life Sciences

  • Marian Gomez
  • Aurora Nogales
  • Mari Cruz Garcia-Gutierrez
  • T.A. Ezquerra

Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 776)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-14
  2. C. Riekel, M. Burghammer, R. Davies, R. Gebhardt, D. Popov
    Pages 91-104
  3. E. Pérez, J.P. Fernández-Blázquez, A. Martnez-Gómez, A. Bello, M.L. Cerrada, R. Benavente et al.
    Pages 157-182
  4. P. Nawanit, H. Zhou, B. Chu, C. Burger, B.S. Hsiao
    Pages 183-198
  5. D. Cazorla-Amorós, D. Lozano-Castelló, M. Müller
    Pages 199-216
  6. C.L.P. Oliveira, T. Vorup-Jensen, C.B.F. Andersen, G.R. Andersen, J.S. Pedersen
    Pages 231-244
  7. R.M. Buey, P. Chacón, J.M. Andreu, J. Fernando Díaz
    Pages 245-263
  8. M. Costa, N. Benseny-Cases, M. Cócera, C.V. Teixeira, M. Alsina, J. Cladera et al.
    Pages 265-280
  9. A. Svensson, J. Bordas, F.B. de la Cuesta
    Pages 281-314
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 1-4

About this book


The present set of lecture notes originates from the deeply felt need in the community to bridge the gap between beamline manuals and advanced graduate textbooks. The volume is a collection of tutorials, surveys and reviews. They cover most cases of relevance and interest where the combination of synchrotron light with various scattering and diffraction techniques is a very helpful approach to obtaining essential information about the structure of large molecular assemblies in low-ordered environments. Soft condensed matter and biomaterials, as well as complex fluids, are typical of the materials considered here.

Contributions to this volume have been selected on the basis of their close relevance to advanced synchrotron radiation sources and state-of-the art beamline work.


SAXS/WAXS Synchrotron Synchrotron radiation X-ray scattering crystal diffraction life sciences liquid non-crystalline materials polymer structural analysis x-ray scattering and diffraction

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  • Marian Gomez
  • Aurora Nogales
  • Mari Cruz Garcia-Gutierrez
  • T.A. Ezquerra

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