Proceedings of the 17th International Meshing Roundtable

  • Rao V. Garimella
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Session 1A: Tetrahedral Meshing 1

    1. Azeddine Benabbou, Houman Borouchaki, Patrick Laug, Jian Lu
      Pages 1-18
    2. Evan VanderZee, Anil N. Hirani, Damrong Guoy
      Pages 19-35
  3. Session 1B: Surface Meshing

    1. F. Betul Atalay, Suneeta Ramaswami, Dianna Xu
      Pages 73-91
    2. Mark W. Dewey, Steven E. Benzley, Jason F. Shepherd, Matthew L. Staten
      Pages 93-105
    3. Suzanne M. Shontz, Patrick Knupp
      Pages 107-124
    4. Kirk Beatty, Nilanjan Mukherjee
      Pages 125-139
  4. Session 2A: Adaptivity

    1. Doug Pagnutti, Carl Ollivier-Gooch
      Pages 141-157
    2. Youssef Mesri, Walid Zerguine, Hugues Digonnet, Luisa Silva, Thierry Coupez
      Pages 195-212
    3. G. Compère, J. -F. Remacle, E. Marchandise
      Pages 213-230
  5. Session 2B: Geometry

    1. Andreas Schilling, Katrin Bidmon, Ove Sommer, Thomas Ertl
      Pages 231-248
    2. John F. Dannenhoffer III, Robert Haimes
      Pages 249-266
    3. Brett W. Clark, Byron W. Hanks, Corey D. Ernst
      Pages 267-280
    4. Trevor Robinson, Robin Fairey, Cecil Armstrong, Hengan Ou, Geoffrey Butlin
      Pages 281-298
    5. Sylvain Bournival, Jean-Christophe Cuillière, Vincent François
      Pages 299-313
  6. Session 3A: Surface Meshing

    1. J. M. Escobar, R. Montenegro, E. Rodríguez, G. Montero
      Pages 333-350
    2. Narcís Coll, Marité Guerrieri, Maria-Cecilia Rivara, J. Antoni Sellarès
      Pages 351-368
    3. Yong Joo Kil, Nina Amenta
      Pages 369-385
  7. Session 3B: Applications

  8. Session 4A: Hexahedral Meshing

  9. Session 5A: Adaptivity

    1. John M. Finn, Gian Luca Delzanno, Luis Chacón
      Pages 551-568
    2. Frédéric Hecht, Raphaël Kuate
      Pages 569-584
    3. Xiaojuan Luo, Mark S. Shephard, Lie-Quan Lee, Cho Ng, Lixin Ge
      Pages 585-601
    4. Adam C. Woodbury, Jason F. Shepherd, Matthew L. Staten, Steven E. Benzley
      Pages 603-619
  10. Back Matter

About these proceedings


This volume contains the articles presented at the 17th International Meshing Roundtable (IMR) organized, in part, by Sandia National Laboratories and held October 12-15, 2008 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. The first IMR was held in 1992, and the conference has been held annually since. Each year the IMR brings together researchers, developers, and application experts, from a variety of disciplines, to present and discuss ideas on mesh generation and related topics. The topics covered by the IMR have applications in numerical analysis, computational geometry, computer graphics, as well as other areas, and the presentations describe novel work ranging from theory to application.


3D graphics computer graphics design modeling numerical analysis optimization quality simulation

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