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Storage Management in Data Centers

Understanding, Exploiting, Tuning, and Troubleshooting Veritas Storage Foundation

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  2. Albrecht Scriba
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  4. Volker Herminghaus
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  16. Albrecht Scriba
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About this book


Storage Management in Data Centers helps administrators tackle the complexity of data center mass storage. It shows how to exploit the potential of Veritas Storage Foundation by conveying information about the design concepts of the software as well as its architectural background. Rather than merely showing how to use Storage Foundation, it explains why to use it in a particular way, along with what goes on inside. Chapters are split into three sections: An introductory part for the novice user, a full-featured part for the experienced, and a technical deep dive for the seasoned expert. An extensive troubleshooting section shows how to fix problems with volumes, plexes, disks and disk groups. A snapshot chapter gives detailed instructions on how to use the most advanced point-in-time copies. A tuning chapter will help you speed up and benchmark your volumes. And a special chapter on split data centers discusses latency issues as well as remote mirroring mechanisms and cross-site volume maintenance. All topics are covered with the technical know how gathered from an aggregate thirty years of experience in consulting and training in data centers all over the world.


Backup Procedures Cloud Storage Data Center Operations EMC Fibre Channel File Systems Mirror Stripe RAID NAS PITC Performance Tuning Remote Data Center Operations Replication SAN Snapshots and Frozen Image Backups Software RAID Stora iSCSI

About the authors

Volker Herminghaus: 
Degree in computer science.
UNIX administration since 1987, consultant since 1989.
Trainer for all core Veritas products since 2000.
Author of the book "Veritas Storage Foundation" (Springer 2006) 

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From the reviews:

"Readers who want to understand what storage management is about, as well as the range of capabilities that administrators should expect from storage software and hardware, will find this book useful. … The book gives the reader a good understanding of the VxVM concepts, capabilities, and command utilities. … be of interest to those who want to learn more about the internals of storage management software." (W. Hu, ACM Computing Reviews, June, 2009)