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Global Land Ice Measurements from Space

  • Jeffrey S. Kargel
  • Gregory J. Leonard
  • Michael P. Bishop
  • Andreas Kääb
  • Bruce H. Raup

Part of the Springer Praxis Books book series (PRAXIS)

Also part of the Geophysical Sciences book sub series (GEOPHYS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-lxxix
  2. Michael Zemp, Richard Armstrong, Isabelle Gärtner-Roer, Wilfried Haeberli, Martin Hoelzle, Andreas Kääb et al.
    Pages 1-21
  3. Michael P. Bishop, Andrew B. G. Bush, Roberto Furfaro, Alan R. Gillespie, Dorothy K. Hall, Umesh K. Haritashya et al.
    Pages 23-52
  4. Roberto Furfaro, Alberto Previti, Paolo Picca, Jeffrey S. Kargel, Michael P. Bishop
    Pages 53-73
  5. Andreas Kääb, Tobias Bolch, Kimberly Casey, Torborg Heid, Jeffrey S. Kargel, Gregory J. Leonard et al.
    Pages 75-112
  6. Duncan J. Quincey, Michael P. Bishop, Andreas Kääb, Etienne Berthier, Boris Flach, Tobias Bolch et al.
    Pages 113-144
  7. Bhaskar Ramachandran, John Dwyer, Bruce H. Raup, Jeffrey S. Kargel
    Pages 145-162
  8. Bruce H. Raup, Siri Jodha S. Khalsa, Richard L. Armstrong, William A. Sneed, Gordon S. Hamilton, Frank Paul et al.
    Pages 163-182
  9. Martin Sharp, David O. Burgess, Fiona Cawkwell, Luke Copland, James A. Davis, Evelyn K. Dowdeswell et al.
    Pages 205-228
  10. Max König, Christopher Nuth, Jack Kohler, Geir Moholdt, Rickard Pettersen
    Pages 229-239
  11. Bruce A. Giffen, Dorothy K. Hall, Janet Y.L. Chien
    Pages 241-261
  12. David F. G. Wolfe, Jeffrey S. Kargel, Gregory J. Leonard
    Pages 263-295
  13. Jeffrey S. Kargel, Matthew J. Beedle, Andrew B.G. Bush, Francisco Carreño, Elena Castellanos, Umesh K. Haritashya et al.
    Pages 297-332
  14. Roger D. Wheate, Etienne Berthier, Tobias Bolch, Brian P. Menounos, Joseph M. Shea, John J. Clague et al.
    Pages 333-352
  15. Jeffrey S. Kargel, Gregory J. Leonard, Roger D. Wheate, Benjamin Edwards
    Pages 353-373
  16. Michael N. Demuth, Philip Wilson, Dana Haggarty
    Pages 375-383
  17. Andrew G. Fountain, Hassan J. Basagic IV, Charles Cannon, Mark Devisser, Matthew J. Hoffman, Jeffrey S. Kargel et al.
    Pages 385-408
  18. Oddur Sigurðsson, Richard S. Williams, Sandro Martinis, Ulrich Münzer
    Pages 409-425
  19. Liss M. Andreassen, Frank Paul, Jon Endre Hausberg
    Pages 427-437

About this book


Global Land Ice Measurements from Space is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, technical and interpretive presentation of satellite image data. With 33 chapters and a companion website, the world’s foremost experts in satellite image analysis of glaciers analyze the current state and recent and possible future changes of glaciers across the globe and interpret these findings for policy planners.

The book sets out the rationale for and history of glacier monitoring and satellite data analysis. It includes a comprehensive set of six “how-to” methodology-type chapters, 25 chapters detailing regional glacier changes, and a summary/interpretive chapter placing the observed glacier changes into a global context of the coupled atmosphere-land-ocean-sun system and the impacts of changing glaciers on water resources, glaciological hazards, and ecological systems.

The accompanying website includes high-resolution and oversize graphics detailing glacier changes.


ASTER Glacier Glacier dynamics Glaciology Global climate change Image processing and analysis Satellite

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  • Jeffrey S. Kargel
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  • Gregory J. Leonard
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  • Michael P. Bishop
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  • Andreas Kääb
    • 4
  • Bruce H. Raup
    • 5
  1. 1.University of Arizona Dept. Hydrology & Water ResourcesTucsonUSA
  2. 2.Dept. Hydrology and Water ResourcesGlobal Land Ice Measurements from Space University of ArizonaTusconUSA
  3. 3.Texas A & M University Department of GeographyCollege StationUSA
  4. 4.University of Oslo Dept. GeosciencesOsloNorway
  5. 5.University of Colorado, BoulderBoulderUSA

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