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Advances in Hybrid Information Technology

First International Conference, ICHIT 2006, Jeju Island, Korea, November 9-11, 2006, Revised Selected Papers

  • Editors
  • Marcin S. Szczuka
  • Daniel Howard
  • Dominik Ślȩzak
  • Haeng-kon Kim
  • Tai-hoon Kim
  • Il-seok Ko
  • Geuk Lee
  • Peter M. A. Sloot
Conference proceedings ICHIT 2006

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4413)

Also part of the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence book sub series (LNAI, volume 4413)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Data Analysis, Modelling, and Learning

    1. José-Luis Polo, Fernando Berzal, Juan-Carlos Cubero
      Pages 1-10
    2. Fan Min, Qihe Liu, Chunlan Fang, Jianzhong Zhang
      Pages 20-30
    3. Muhammad Akram Shaikh, Jiaxin Wang, Hongbo Liu, Yixu Song
      Pages 31-41
    4. Fernando Berzal, Juan-Carlos Cubero, Nicolás Marín, Maria Amparo Vila
      Pages 42-50
    5. Cheonshik Kim, Myunghee Jung, Shaikh Muhammad Allayear, Sung Soon Park
      Pages 63-72
    6. Chieh-Chung Sheng, Hsiao-Ya Chiu, An-Pin Chen
      Pages 73-82
    7. Byung Doo Jung, Young-in Kwon, Hyun Kim, Seon Woo Lee
      Pages 93-102
  3. Imaging, Speech, and Complex Data

    1. Wooksun Shin, Jongseok Um, Doo Heon Song, Changhoon Lee
      Pages 139-148
    2. Yang-Sun Lee, Jae-Min Kwak, Sung-Eon Cho, Ji-Woong Kim, Heau-Jo Kang
      Pages 159-167
    3. Wanli Ma, Dat Tran, Dharmendra Sharma
      Pages 168-177
    4. Eung-Don Lee, Jae-Min Ahn
      Pages 178-187
    5. Soojeong Lee, Kiho Choi, Soonhyob Kim
      Pages 188-197

About these proceedings


As information technologies (IT) become specialized and fragmented, it is easy to lose sight that many topics in IT have common threads and because of this, advances in one sub-discipline may transmit to another. The presentation of results between di?erent sub-disciplines of IT encourages this interchange for the advancement of IT as a whole. Of particular interest is the hybrid approach or combining ideas from one discipline with those of another to achieve a result that is more signi?cant than the sum of the individual parts. Through this hybrid philosophy, a new or common principle can be discovered which has the propensity to propagate throughout this multifaceted discipline. This volume comprises the selection of extended versions of papers that were presentedintheirshortenedformatthe2006InternationalConferenceonHybrid InformationTechnology( papers out of the 235 that were published in ICHIT 2006 electronic proceedings were deemed suitable for inclusion in this volume, in a selection that was guided by technical quality and relevance to the balance of topics in hybrid information technology. The conference re?ected a change in the thinking of scientists and practitioners,whonowtendtojointheire?ortswithinmultidisciplinaryprojects. As a consequence, the readers may observe that many papers might conceivably be classi?ed into more than one chapter, given their interdisciplinary scope. The contributions in this monograph are clustered into six chapters: Data Analysis, Modeling, and Learning (11 papers); Imaging, Speech, and Complex Data (11 papers); Applications of Arti?cial Intelligence (11 papers); Hybrid, Smart, and UbiquitousSystems(11papers);HardwareandSoftwareEngineering(9papers); as well as Networking and Telecommunications (11 papers).


Java Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) artificial intelligence authentication communication computational intelligence computer forensics decision making evolutionary programming expert system fuzzy systems mac optimization robot visualization

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