Traffic and Granular Flow ’07

  • Editors
  • Cécile Appert-Rolland
  • François Chevoir
  • Philippe Gondret
  • Sylvain Lassarre
  • Jean-Patrick Lebacque
  • Michael Schreckenberg
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVI
  2. Traffic

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Partha Chakroborty, Akhilesh Kumar Maurya
      Pages 3-17
    3. Winnie Daamen, Serge P. Hoogendoorn, Henk van Wijngaarden
      Pages 45-54
    4. Habib Haj-Salem, Jean-Patrick Lebacque
      Pages 55-64
    5. Samer H. Hamdar, Hani S. Mahmassani
      Pages 65-84
    6. Serge P. Hoogendoorn, Hans van Lint, Victor Knoop
      Pages 85-92
    7. Ding-wei Huang
      Pages 93-103
    8. Rui Jiang, Mao-Bin Hu, Bin Jia, Ruili Wang, Qing-Song Wu
      Pages 105-115
    9. Arne Kesting, Martin Treiber
      Pages 117-127
    10. Cyril Furtlehner, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes
      Pages 129-138
    11. Megan M. Khoshyaran, Jean-Patrick Lebacque
      Pages 139-150
    12. Ludovic Leclercq, Jorge A. Laval
      Pages 151-160
    13. Tai-Yu Ma, Jean-Patrick Lebacque
      Pages 161-170
    14. Bertrand Maury, Juliette Venel
      Pages 171-180
    15. Mo Yeliu, Yu Xue, Shi Wei, Liu Zhang
      Pages 181-188
    16. Armin Seyfried, Bernhard Steffen, Andreas Winkens, Tobias Rupprecht, Maik Boltes, Wolfram Klingsch
      Pages 189-199
    17. Florian Siebel, Wolfram Mauser, Salissou Moutari, Michel Rascle
      Pages 201-210
    18. Martin Treiber, Arne Kesting
      Pages 211-221
    19. Alma R. Méndez, Rosa M. Velasco
      Pages 223-231
    20. Yasushi Yokoya, Yoichi Asano, Nobuyuki Uchida
      Pages 233-243
    21. Tomas Apeltauer, Petr Holcner, Jiri Macur
      Pages 259-264
    22. Alexander P. Buslaev, Alexander G. Tatashev, Marina V. Yashina
      Pages 265-272
    23. Mario C. Campanella, Serge P. Hoogendoorn, Winnie Daamen
      Pages 273-280
    24. Nadir Farhi, Maurice Goursat, Jean-Pierre Quadrat
      Pages 281-286
    25. M. Ebrahim Fouladvand, Somayyeh Belbasi
      Pages 287-292
    26. Philip Greulich, Andreas Schadschneider
      Pages 307-313
    27. Xianglin Han, Hongxia Ge, Changyuan Jiang, Xingli Li, Shiqiang Dai
      Pages 315-320
    28. Serge P. Hoogendoorn, Piet Bovy
      Pages 321-331
    29. Ding-wei Huang, Wei-neng Huang
      Pages 333-338
    30. Bin Jia, Xin-Gang Li, Rui Jiang, Zi-You Gao
      Pages 339-350
    31. Victor Knoop, Serge P. Hoogendoorn, Henk van Zuylen
      Pages 351-356
    32. Ihor Lubashevsky, Cyril Garnisov, Boris Lifshits
      Pages 365-371
    33. Ihor Lubashevsky, Namik Gusein-zade, Dmitry Klochkov, Sergey Zuev
      Pages 373-379
    34. Christof Liebe, Reinhard Mahnke, Jevgenijs Kaupužs, Hans Weber
      Pages 381-387
    35. Akihiro Nakayama, Minoru Fukui, Katsuya Hasebe, Macoto Kikuchi, Katsuhiro Nishinari, Yuki Sugiyama et al.
      Pages 389-394
    36. Christian Rogsch, Wolfram Klingsch, Armin Seyfried, Henning Weigel
      Pages 395-400
    37. Anton Šurda
      Pages 401-406
    38. Akiyasu Tomoeda, Katsuhiro Nishinari, Debashish Chowdhury, Andreas Schadschneider
      Pages 407-412
    39. Hans van Lint, Serge P. Hoogendoorn, Marco Schreude
      Pages 421-426
    40. Hans Weber, Reinhard Mahnke, Christof Liebe, Jevgenijs Kaupužs
      Pages 427-433
    41. Marko Woelki, Michael Schreckenberg
      Pages 435-440

About these proceedings


This book covers several research fields, all of which deal with transport. Three main topics are treated: road traffic, granular matter, and biological transport. Different points of view, i.e. modelling, simulations, experiments, and phenomenological observations, are considered. Sub-topics include: highway or urban vehicular traffic (dynamics of traffic, macro/micro modelling, measurements, data analysis, security issues, psychological issues),  pedestrian traffic, animal traffic (e.g. social insects), collective motion in biological systems (molecular motors...), granular flow (dense flows, intermittent flows, solid/liquid transition, jamming, force networks, fluid and solid friction), networks (biological networks, urban traffic, the internet, vulnerability of networks, optimal transport networks) and cellular automata applied to the various aforementioned fields.


STATISTICA Simulation algorithms construction granular matter graph theory model modeling molecular motors networks pedestrians road traffic stability

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