The 2007 ESO Instrument Calibration Workshop

Proceedings of the ESO Workshop held in Garching, Germany, 23-26 January 2007

  • Andreas Kaufer
  • Florian Kerber
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXVII
  2. Introduction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. P. Amico, P. Ballester, W. Hummel, G. LoCurto, L. Lundin, A. Modigliani et al.
      Pages 11-21
  3. Session 1: Optical Spectro-Imagers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 23-23
    2. W. Freudling, P. Møller, F. Patat, S. Moehler, M. Romaniello, E. Jehin et al.
      Pages 35-40
    3. M. Monelli, M. Nonino, G. Bono, P. François, F. Thévenin, R. Buonanno et al.
      Pages 41-47
    4. C. J. Evans, D. J. Lennon, I. Hunter, T. Augusteijn, S. J. Smartt
      Pages 49-51
    5. S. Mieske, M. Rejkuba, S. Bagnulo, C. Izzo, G. Marconi
      Pages 53-56
    6. F. Saitta, F. Kerber, P. Bristow, H. Dekker, S. D’Odorico, C. Dupuy et al.
      Pages 57-61
    7. J. R. Walsh, H. Kuntschner, E. Jehin, A. Kaufer, K. O’Brien, M. Riquelme et al.
      Pages 63-67
  4. Session 2: Optical Multi-object Spectrographs

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 73-73
    2. L. Schmidtobreick, S. Bagnulo, E. Jehin, G. Marconi, K. O’Brien, E. Pompei et al.
      Pages 75-80
    3. P. Bonifacio
      Pages 81-86
    4. M. Scodeggio, P. Franzetti, B. Garilli, M. Fumana, L. Paioro, A. Zanichelli
      Pages 95-105
  5. Session 3: Near-IR and mid-IR Spectro-Imagers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 107-107
    2. E. Mason
      Pages 109-118
    3. E. Pantin, L. Vanzi, U. Weilenmann
      Pages 119-129
    4. D. Dobrzycka, L. Vanzi
      Pages 139-144
    5. C. Papadaki, L. Schmidtobreick, W. Hummel, A. Smette
      Pages 149-152
    6. J. Vernet, F. Kerber, S. D’Odorico, R. Bohlin, V. Ivanov, C. Lidman et al.
      Pages 153-156
  6. Session 4: Data Flow and Data Reduction Software

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 157-157
    2. M. Peron
      Pages 159-167
    3. R. N. Hook, M. Romaniello, M. Ullgrén, P. Järveläinen, S. Maisala, T. Oittinen et al.
      Pages 169-175
    4. M. Kümmel, R. Albrecht, R. Fosbury, W. Freudling, J. Haase, R. N. Hook et al.
      Pages 185-190
    5. C. Izzo, Y. Jung, P. Ballester
      Pages 191-197
    6. P. Bristow, F. Kerber, M.R. Rosa
      Pages 199-206
    7. A. Grado, M. Pavlov, L. Limatola
      Pages 217-220
    8. M. Horrobin, P. Goldoni, F. Royer, P. François, G. Blanc, J. Vernet et al.
      Pages 221-223
    9. Y. Jung, P. Bristow
      Pages 225-228
    10. P. Weilbacher, J. Gerssen, M. M. Roth, P. Böhm, The MUSE Team
      Pages 233-236
  7. Session 5: Adaptive Optics Instruments

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 237-237
    2. N. Ageorges, C. Lidman, C. Dumas
      Pages 239-248
    3. Y. Clénet, E. Gendron, G. Rousset, T. Fusco, C. Lidman, M. Kasper et al.
      Pages 259-269
    4. A. Seifahrt, T. Röll, R. Neuhäuser
      Pages 271-275
  8. Session 6: Integral Field Spectroscopy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 277-277
    2. P. Amico, S. Bagnulo, C. Dumas, C. Izzo, G. Marconi, C. Melo
      Pages 279-288
    3. N. P. F. Lorente, A. C. H. Glasse, G. S. Wright, S. K. Ramsay, C. J. Evans
      Pages 295-300
    4. M. M. Roth, A. Monreal-Ibero, L. Christensen, T. Becker, J. Gerssen, P. Weilbacher
      Pages 301-310
    5. R. M. Sharples, S. K. Ramsay, R. Davies, M. Lehnert
      Pages 311-317

About these proceedings


The 2007 ESO Instrument Calibration workshop brought together more than 120 participants with the objective to

a) foster the sharing of information, experience and techniques between observers, instrument developers and instrument operation teams,

b) review the actual precision and limitations of the applied instrument calibration plans, and

c) collect the current and future requirements by the ESO users.

These present proceedings include the majority of the workshop’s contributions and document the status quo of instrument calibration at ESO in large detail. Topics covered are:

Optical Spectro-Imagers, Optical Multi-Object Spectrographs, NIR and MIR Spectro-Imagers, High-Resolution Spectrographs, Integral Field Spectrographs, Adaptive Optics Instruments, Polarimetric Instruments, Wide Field Imagers, Interferometric Instruments as well as other crucial aspects such as data flow, quality control, data reduction software and atmospheric effects.

It was stated in the workshop that "calibration is a life-long learning process''. In this sense, this book will be a reference point for all future efforts to improve instrument calibration procedures in astronomy.


ESO Session astronomy atmospheric effects calibration control data flow instrumentation: adaptive optics instrumentation: interferometers instrumentation: spectrographs instruments methods: data analysis spectroscopy

Editors and affiliations

  • Andreas Kaufer
    • 1
  • Florian Kerber
    • 2
  1. 1.European Southern Observatory (ESO) Alonso de Cordova 3107Santiago 19Chile
  2. 2.European Southern Observatory (ESO)85748 GarchingGermany

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