Globular Clusters - Guides to Galaxies

Proceedings of the Joint ESO-FONDAP Workshop on Globular Clusters held in Concepción, Chile, 6–10 March 2006

  • Tom Richtler
  • Søren Larsen
Conference proceedings

Part of the Eso Astrophysics Symposia book series (ESO)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-8
  2. Open Questions in the Globular Cluster – Galaxy Connection

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
  3. Detailed Studies of Individual Globular Clusters

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 9-9
    2. Rebecca Bernstein, Andrew McWilliam
      Pages 11-15
    3. J. Alonso-García, M. Mateo
      Pages 25-26
    4. Chul Chung, Young-Wook Lee, Suk-Jin Yoon, Seok-Joo Joo, Sang-Il Han
      Pages 29-30
    5. S.-I. Han, Y.-C. Kim, Y.-W. Lee, S.K. Yi, D.-G. Kim, P. Demarque
      Pages 33-34
    6. C. Moni Bidin, S. Moehler, G. Piotto, Y. Momany, A. Recio-Blanco, R.A. Méndez
      Pages 37-38
  4. The Most Massive Clusters

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 41-41
    2. Michael Hilker
      Pages 51-58
    3. M. Gieles, S.S Larsen, M.R. Haas, R.A. Scheepmaker, N. Bastian
      Pages 63-67
    4. Michael D. Gregg, Michael J. Drinkwater, Katya Evstigneeva, Arna Karick
      Pages 69-73
    5. E.A. Evstigneeva, M.J. Drinkwater, M. Hilker, C.Y. Peng
      Pages 79-80
    6. P. Firth, M.J. Drinkwater, E.A. Evstigneeva, A. Karick, M.D. Gregg, M. Hilker et al.
      Pages 81-82
    7. A.M. Karick, M.D. Gregg, M.J. Drinkwater, M. Hilker, P. Firth
      Pages 83-84
  5. Young Star Clusters

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 85-85
    2. Bruce G. Elmegreen
      Pages 87-93
    3. R.A. Scheepmaker, M. Gieles, M.R. Haas, N. Bastian, S.S. Larsen
      Pages 103-106
    4. Leonardo Vanzi
      Pages 111-114
    5. J.J. Clariá, J.F.C. Santos Jr., A.V. Ahumada, E. Bica, A.E. Piatti, M.C. Parisi
      Pages 117-118
    6. Katharina Glatt, Eva K. Grebel, Andreas Koch
      Pages 119-120
    7. A. Kawamura, T. Minamidani, Y. Mizuno, N. Mizuno, T. Onishi, A. Mizuno et al.
      Pages 121-122
    8. M.D. Mora, S.S. Larsen, M. Kissler-Patig
      Pages 123-124
    9. D.B. Pavani, E. Bica
      Pages 125-126
    10. D. Villegas, D. Minniti, J.G. Funes
      Pages 127-129
  6. Globular Cluster Systems in Dwarf and Irregular Galaxies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 131-131
    2. Doug Geisler, Aaron Grocholski, Ata Sarajedini, Andrew Cole, Verne Smith
      Pages 133-140
    3. Bryan W. Miller
      Pages 141-148
    4. Sidney van den Bergh
      Pages 149-156
    5. Andrea Kayser, Eva K. Grebel, Daniel R. Harbeck, Andrew A. Cole, Andreas Koch, John S. Gallagher et al.
      Pages 157-160
    6. C. Greco, G. Clementini, E.V. Held, E. Poretti, M. Catelan, L. Dell’Arciprete et al.
      Pages 163-164
    7. Radostin Kurtev, Valentin Ivanov, Jura Borissova, Márcio Catelan, Douglas Geisler
      Pages 167-168
    8. Andrew W. Stephens, Márcio Catelan, Roxana P. Contreras
      Pages 169-170
  7. Globular Cluster Systems in Spiral Galaxies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 171-171

About these proceedings


The principal question of whether and how globular clusters can contribute to a better understanding of galaxy formation and evolution is perhaps the main driving force behind the overall endeavour of studying globular cluster systems. Naturally, this splits up into many individual problems. The objective of the Joint ESO-FONDAP Workshop on Globular Clusters - Guides to Galaxies was to bring together researchers, both observational and theoretical, to present and discuss the most recent results. Topics covered in these proceedings are: internal dynamics of globular clusters and interaction with host galaxies (tidal tails, evolution of cluster masses), accretion of globular clusters, detailed descriptions of nearby cluster systems, ultracompact dwarfs, formations of massive clusters in mergers and elsewhere, the ACS Virgo survey, galaxy formation and globular clusters, dynamics and kinematics of globular cluster systems and dark matter-related problems.
With its wide coverage of the topic, this book constitutes a valuable reference of the scientific knowledge of the field.


Accretion Galaxy Galaxy Evolution Galaxy Formation Globular Clusters Star Clusters

Editors and affiliations

  • Tom Richtler
    • 1
  • Søren Larsen
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  1. 1.Departamento de AstronomíaUniversidad de ConcepciónConcepciónChile
  2. 2.Astronomical InstituteUtrecht UniversityUtrechtThe Netherlands

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