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Computational Multiscale Modeling of Fluids and Solids

Theory and Applications


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    Pages I-XVII
  2. Fundamentals

  3. Computational Methods on Multiscales

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About this book


The idea of the book is to provide a comprehensive overview of computational physics methods and techniques, that are used for materials modeling on different length and time scales. Each chapter first provides an overview of the physical basic principles which are the basis for the numerical and mathematical modeling on the respective length-scale.

The book includes the micro-scale, the meso-scale and the macro-scale. The chapters follow this classification. The book will explain in detail many tricks of the trade of some of the most important methods and techniques that are used to simulate materials on the perspective levels of spatial and temporal resolution. Case studies are occasionally included to further illustrate some methods or theoretical considerations. Example applications for all techniques are provided, some of which are from the author’s own contributions to some of the research areas. Methods are explained, if possible, on the basis of the original publications but also references to standard text books established in the various fields are mentioned.


Hydrodynamics Mechanics (of Materials) Molecular Dynamics Numerics, Numerical Simulation Polymer Physics Simulation Tensor Analysis and Continuum Mechanics modeling

Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.Fraunhofer Ernst-Mach-Institute for High-Speed DynamicsFreiburgGermany

About the authors

  1. Career to Date:

2003-present Senior scientist in the Department of Numerical Simulation

at the fraunhofer Ernst-Mach Institute (EMI)

Managing project leader of the project "MMM-Tools", (Multiscale Materials Modeling) in cooperation of 9 different Fraunhofer-Institutes in Germany (

Advisor of Diploma and PhD students in Physics and Mathematics

2002-2003 Senior Computational Geneticist in the Department of Genetic Epidemiology at Lion Bioscience AG, Heidelberg, Germany

2001-2002 Manager at SAP Headquarters, Walldorf, Germany

2001 PhD in Physics

1998-2001 PhD Student of Prof. Kurt Kremer at the Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany

Assistant teacher at the Univ. of Mainz, Germany

1998 Graduation in Physics with Honors at the University of Ulm, Germany

1997-1998 Diploma Student in the Department of Theoretical Physics at the University of Ulm, Germany

1995-1996 Graduate Exchange Student at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, MA, U.S.A.

1993-1995 Assistant Teacher at the University of Ulm, Germany

1993 German "Vordiplom" in physics with honors

1991 Studies in physics

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From the reviews:

"This is an advanced mathematical treatise devoted to an overview of numerical computational methods and techniques for materials modeling on different length and time scales. Steinhauser … covers microscale, mesoscale, and macroscale of materials modeling in two parts and seven chapters. … The book includes several appendixes, with one that provides further reading and another that lists almost 500 references. … Summing Up: Recommended. Graduate students and researchers/faculty in mathematics and physics." (R. Darby, CHOICE, Vol. 45 (10), June, 2008)