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Digital Integration, Growth and Rational Regulation


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This book focuses on the role of information and communication technologies for economic integration, networking and growth. Technological and regulatory dynamics are highlighted with respect to EU countries and the US.

The analysis deals with the main issues of rational regulations in open economies. Schumpeterian developments and dynamic efficiency gains are crucial for Europe in the context of telecommunications competition and network modernisation – achieving the goals of the Lisbon Agenda requires adequate incentives for investment and solid capital market prospects. Economic progress in the digital knowledge society will be characterised by enormous structural change and the growth of digital services. New policy conclusions at both the national and international levels – including welfare analysis – are presented.


Competition European Union Growth ICT Information and Communication Technologies Integration Regulation science and technology

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  1. 1.Sciences PoParis
  2. 2.EIIW — European Institute for International Economic RelationsUniversity of WuppertalWuppertalGermany

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Finance, Business & Banking


From the reviews:

"Welfens … begins with a context-setting four-page preface. The preface is then followed by a short summary that provides an overview of the issues that the remainder of the book addresses in varying degrees of depth. … the author does bring together a broad array of literature that may raise questions in the mind of the reader and thus encourage them to go off and undertake further reading for themselves. The price per page makes this more an institutional … purchase." (Jason Whalley, Communication Booknotes Quarterly, Vol. 39 (3), July-September, 2008)