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Foundations in Microeconomic Theory

A Volume in Honor of Hugo F. Sonnenschein

  • Matthew O. Jackson
  • Andrew McLennan

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
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  3. Kevin C. Sontheimer
    Pages 9-32
  4. John Roberts
    Pages 33-53
  5. Kunio Kawamata
    Pages 55-82
  6. Salvador BarberÀ
    Pages 83-100
  7. Javier Ruiz-Castillo
    Pages 101-108
  8. William Novshek
    Pages 109-124
  9. Richard M. Peck
    Pages 125-141
  10. Andrew McLennan, Hugo Sonnenschein
    Pages 143-174
  11. Dilip Abreu, Hitoshi Matsushima
    Pages 175-192
  12. Jean-Pierre Benoit, Vijay Krishna
    Pages 193-212
  13. David G. Pearce
    Pages 213-231
  14. Salvandor BarberÀ, Matthew O. Jackson
    Pages 233-271
  15. Marc Dudey
    Pages 273-293
  16. In-Koo Cho, David M. Kreps
    Pages 295-339
  17. Faruk Gul
    Pages 341-376
  18. Arunava Sen
    Pages 377-394
  19. Philip J. Reny
    Pages 395-424

About this book


What a wonderful occasion it is to be celebrating 65 years of Hugo Sonn- schein! Given his many contributions to economic research and academia more broadly, there is much to celebrate. This volume, presented to Hugo at a confer­ ence in his honor at the University of Chicago in October 2005, highlights one of his deepest contributions. It is perhaps the hardest to detect from reading his bios and vita; but something that he is famous for among economists in general and economic theorists in particular. It is his incredible record as a mentor and advisor of students. In putting this volume together, we have collected papers from Hugo's students with the aim of demonstrating his tremendous impact as an advisor. The papers span decades, with the earliest coming from his advisees in the first years of his career and the most recent coming in the last two years after his return to research and advising that followed his adventures as a university administrator. The con­ tributors include not only his graduate advisees, but also some of his undergraduate advisees and still others who did not have him as an advisor, but nonetheless con­ sider him a primary mentor in their training as economic theorists. Each paper is accompanied with a brief preface by the student that provides background on the paper and indicates Hugo's influence on its genesis.


Auction Theory Game Theory Market Design Microeconomic Theory Microeconomics Monopol

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