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Centrifugal Pumps

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  • Detailed design procedures for pumps

  • Large variety of ready to use tables for design calculations and diagnostics

  • In-depth treatment of the underlying physical mechanisms for practical applications

  • Comprehensive scope of topics encountered by the pump engineer


About this book


This book gives an unparalleled, up-to-date, in-depth treatment of all kinds of flow phenomena encountered in centrifugal pumps including the complex interactions of fluid flow with vibrations and wear of materials.

The scope includes: all aspects of hydraulic design, 3D-flow phenomena and partload operation, cavitation, numerical flow calculations, hydraulic forces, pressure pulsations, noise, pump vibrations (notably bearing housing vibration diagnostics and remedies), pipe vibrations, pump characteristics and pump operation, the effects of highly viscous flows, pumping of gas-liquid mixtures, hydraulic transport of solids, fatigue damage to impellers or diffusers, material selection under the aspects of fatigue, corrosion, erosion-corrosion or hydro-abrasive wear, pump selection, and hydraulic quality criteria.

To ease the use of the information, the methods and procedures for the various calculations and failure diagnostics discussed in the text are gathered in more than 100 pages of tables which may be considered almost unique in the open literature. The text focuses on practical application in the industry and is free of mathematical or theoretical ballast. In order to find viable solutions in practice, the physical mechanisms involved should be thoroughly understood. The book is focused on fostering this understanding which will benefit the pump engineer in industry as well as academia and students.


cavitation fluid flow hydraulic design hydraulic forces hydraulics material selection numerical flow calculations pump materials pump selection troubleshooting two-phase flow pumping vibrations

About the authors

Dr.-Ing. Johann F. Gülich (1939), MS in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University Hannover (Germany), PhD from the Technical University Darmstadt. Professional curriculum: Project engineer in the nuclear power plant division of Siemens, Erlangen, Germany. Since 1966 with Sulzer Winterthur (Switzerland): Starting as development engineer in the nuclear reactor design; subsequently for 10 years head of the team "Thermo-hydraulics" responsible for the thermal and hydraulic design of steam generators and heat exchangers for nuclear power stations; finally head of the team responsible for the hydraulic development of centrifugal pumps, during several years also for the mechanical development of centrifugal pumps. Pump consultant since retirement in 2001. JF Gülich is author of numerous journal publications and holds several patents on centrifugal pumps and steam generators for nuclear power plants.

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