11th Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biomedical Engineering and Computing 2007

MEDICON 2007, 26-30 June 2007, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Tomaz Jarm
  • Peter Kramar
  • Anze Zupanic
Conference proceedings

Part of the IFMBE Proceedings book series (IFMBE, volume 16)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXVIII
  2. Invited Lectures

  3. Analysis of the ECG

    1. Mathias Baumert, E. Nalivaiko, D. Abbott
      Pages 26-29
    2. Raphael Schneider, A. Bauer, J.W. Kantelhardt, P. Barthel, G. Schmidt
      Pages 38-41
    3. A.C. Linnenbank, A. van Oosterom, T.F. Oostendorp, P.F.H.M. van Dessel, A.C. van Rossum, R. Coronel et al.
      Pages 42-45
    4. Siniša Sovilj, R. Magjarević, G. Rajsman
      Pages 46-49
    5. Raquel Cervigon Abad, R. Cervigon, C. Sanchez, J.M. Blas, R. Alcaraz, J. Mateo et al.
      Pages 54-57
    6. Ratko Magjarevic, J. Mihel
      Pages 58-61
    7. Esther Pueyo, M. Malik, P. Laguna
      Pages 74-77
    8. Gianni D’Addio, A. Accardo, G. Corbi, F. Rengo
      Pages 78-81
    9. Valentina D.A. Corino, L.T. Mainardi, D. Husser, A. Bollmann
      Pages 82-85
    10. Peter Kneppo, M. Tysler, K. Hana, P. Smrčka, V. Rosik, S. Karas et al.
      Pages 86-89
    11. Jorge Mateo Sotos, C. Sanchez, J. Mateo, R. Alcaraz, C. Vaya, J.J. Rieta
      Pages 90-93
  4. Analysis of Surface EMG

    1. Vojko Glaser, A. Holobar, D. Zazula
      Pages 105-108
    2. Constantinos Pattichis, M.G. Xyda, P. Kaplanis, C. Christodoulou, D. Zazula
      Pages 118-123
  5. Analysis of Uterine EMG/EHG

    1. Drago Rudel, G. Vidmar, B. Leskosek, I. Verdenik
      Pages 131-134
    2. Jeremy Terrien, C. Marque, T. Steingrimsdottir, B. Karlsson
      Pages 135-138
    3. B. Karlsson, Jeremy Terrien, V. Gudmundsson, T. Steingrimsdottir, C. Marque
      Pages 139-143
    4. Jerneja Vrhovec, Alenka Macek-Lebar, D. Rudel
      Pages 144-147
    5. Alenka Macek-Lebar, D. Novak, D. Rudel, Tomaz Jarm
      Pages 148-151
  6. Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Data Analysis in Medicine

    1. Silvia Panzarasa, Silvana Quaglini, Mauro Pessina, Anna Cavallini, Guiseppe Micieli
      Pages 152-156
    2. Vlado Stankovski, Martin Swain, Matevz Stimec, Natasa Fidler Mis
      Pages 166-169
  7. Bioimpedance

    1. Vincent Senez, A. Treizebré, E. Lennon, D. Legrand, H. Ghandour, B. Bocquet et al.
      Pages 170-173
    2. Dejan Krizaj, J. Jan, T. Žagar
      Pages 174-177
    3. Jakob Oblak, D. Krizaj, S. Amon, Alenka Macek-Lebar, D. Miklavcic
      Pages 178-181
    4. Tomaz Zagar, D. Krizaj
      Pages 182-185
    5. NADI Mustapha, J. Prado, C. Margo, A. Rouane
      Pages 186-189
    6. Francis X. Hart, J.H. Johnson, N.J. Berner
      Pages 190-193
    7. Andrea Tura, S. Sbrignadello, S. Barison, S. Conti, G. Pacini
      Pages 194-197

About these proceedings


Biomedical engineering today is a well-recognized area of research. It brings together bright minds from diverse disciplines ranging from engineering, physics, and computer sciences on one side to biology and medicine on the other side. With valuable assistance of members of the International Advisory Committee and Scientific Program Committee, the co-organizing institutions and societies, our sponsors, and distinguished invited lecturers we will ensure that the research and development presented at MEDICON 2007 plenary meetings, scientific sessions, and workshops will truly be relevant and up-to-date.

The MEDICON conferences are international events of high scientific standards with long lasting tradition held every third year in one of the Mediterranean countries under the auspices of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering.


Analysis of ECG Analysis of Uterine EMG/EHG Bioimpedance Biomaterial Biomedical Signal Processing Bolus Implantat Intelligent Data Analysis in Medicine MEDICON 2007 Monitor Simulator classification diagnosis electrocardiogram microfluidics

Editors and affiliations

  • Tomaz Jarm
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  • Peter Kramar
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  • Anze Zupanic
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  1. 1.Faculty of Electrical EngineeringUniversity of LjubljanaLjubljanaSlovenia

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