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Microbial Sulfur Metabolism

  • Christiane Dahl
  • Cornelius G. Friedrich
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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Judy D. Wall, Adam P. Arkin, Nurgul C. Balci, Barbara Rapp-Giles
    Pages 1-12
  3. Günter Fritz, Alexander Schiffer, Anke Behrens, Thomas Büchert, Ulrich Ermler, Peter M. H. Kroneck
    Pages 13-23
  4. Inês A. Cardoso Pereira
    Pages 24-35
  5. Lissette Valenzuela, An Chi, Simón Beard, Jeffrey Shabanowitz, Donald F. Hunt, Carlos A. Jerez
    Pages 77-86
  6. Frauke Grimm, Bettina Franz, Christiane Dahl
    Pages 101-116
  7. Leong-Keat Chan, Rachael Morgan-Kiss, Thomas E. Hanson
    Pages 117-126
  8. Jan Stout, Lina De Smet, Bjorn Vergauwen, Savvas Savvides, Jozef Van Beeumen
    Pages 127-138
  9. Cornelius G. Friedrich, Armin Quentmeier, Frank Bardischewsky, Dagmar Rother, Grazyna Orawski, Petra Hellwig et al.
    Pages 139-150
  10. Alasdair M. Cook, Theo H. M. Smits, Karin Denger
    Pages 170-183
  11. Stefan M. Sievert, Michael Hügler, Craig D. Taylor, Carl O. Wirsen
    Pages 238-258

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In nature, sulfur occurs in many different oxidation states and is one of the most versatile elements in life. It is an integral part of many important cell constituents, such as the amino acids cysteine and methionine, and many sulfur compounds serve as the basis for energy-related processes in prokaryotes. In recent years, new methods have been applied to study the biochemistry and molecular biology of reactions of the global sulfur cycle, the microorganisms involved and their physiology, metabolism and ecology. These activities have uncovered fascinating new insights for the understanding of aerobic and anaerobic sulfur metabolism.


Amino acid Schwefelstoffwechsel amino acids biochemistry ecology environment enzymes genomics metabolism microbe microorganism physiology process engineering proteomics sulfur metabolism

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