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Research in Computational Molecular Biology

11th Annual International Conference, RECOMB 2007, Oakland, CA, USA, April 21-25, 2007. Proceedings

  • Editors
  • Terry Speed
  • Haiyan Huang
Conference proceedings RECOMB 2007

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4453)

Also part of the Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics book sub series (LNBI, volume 4453)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Banu Dost, Tomer Shlomi, Nitin Gupta, Eytan Ruppin, Vineet Bafna, Roded Sharan
    Pages 1-15
  3. Allister Bernard, David S. Vaughn, Alexander J. Hartemink
    Pages 32-46
  4. T. M. Murali, Corban G. Rivera
    Pages 47-61
  5. Abhishek Garg, Ioannis Xenarios, Luis Mendoza, Giovanni DeMicheli
    Pages 62-76
  6. Joshua A. Grochow, Manolis Kellis
    Pages 92-106
  7. Leelavati Narlikar, Raluca Gordân, Alexander J. Hartemink
    Pages 107-121
  8. Amir Ben-Dor, Doron Lipson, Anya Tsalenko, Mark Reimers, Lars O. Baumbusch, Michael T. Barrett et al.
    Pages 122-136
  9. Wenyi Wang, Benilton Carvalho, Nate Miller, Jonathan Pevsner, Aravinda Chakravarti, Rafael A. Irizarry
    Pages 137-150
  10. Yanxin Shi, Fan Guo, Wei Wu, Eric P. Xing
    Pages 151-165
  11. Noah Zaitlen, Manuel Reyes-Gomez, David Heckerman, Nebojsa Jojic
    Pages 181-195
  12. Sean O’Rourke, Noah Zaitlen, Nebojsa Jojic, Eleazar Eskin
    Pages 196-210
  13. Daniel H. Huson, Tobias H. Klöpper
    Pages 211-225
  14. Mukul S. Bansal, J. Gordon Burleigh, Oliver Eulenstein, André Wehe
    Pages 238-252
  15. Chun-Nam John Yu, Thorsten Joachims, Ron Elber, Jaroslaw Pillardy
    Pages 253-267
  16. Xinyu Tang, Shawna Thomas, Lydia Tapia, Nancy M. Amato
    Pages 268-282

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