Groups of Galaxies in the Nearby Universe

Proceedings of the ESO Workshop held at Santiago de Chile

  • Ivo Saviane
  • Valentin D. Ivanov
  • Jordanka Borissova
Conference proceedings

Part of the ESO ASTROPHYSICS SYMPOSIA book series (ESO)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XX
  2. Local Group versus Nearby Groups

    1. Front Matter
      Pages I-XX
    2. E.K. Grebel
      Pages 3-20
    3. E.D. Skillman
      Pages 21-26
    4. D.J. Pisano, D.G. Barnes, B.K. Gibson, L. Staveley-Smith, K.C. Freeman, V.A. Kilborn
      Pages 33-38
    5. M. Gullieuszik, I. Saviane, E.V. Held, L. Rizzi
      Pages 39-40
    6. S.C. Kim, M.G. Lee, D. Geisler, A. Sarajedini, W.E. Harris, H.S. Park et al.
      Pages 41-43
    7. N. Flores-Fajardo, A.M. Hidalgo-Gámez
      Pages 47-49
  3. Groups Searches and Surveys

    1. Front Matter
      Pages I-XX
    2. 10
      A. Hornstrup, A. Vikhlinin, R. Burenin, H. Ebeling, O. Kotov, K. Pedersen et al.
      Pages 67-72
    3. J. Saucedo-Morales, P. Loera-González
      Pages 73-77
    4. E. Pompei, A. Iovino, R.R. de Carvalho
      Pages 85-90
    5. S.A. Cellone, A. Buzzoni
      Pages 91-95
    6. S. Mieske, M.J. West, C.M. de Oliveira
      Pages 103-107
    7. A.V.S. Castelli, L.P. Bassino, S.A. Cellone, T. Richtler, B. Dirsch, L. Infante et al.
      Pages 109-110
    8. E. Díaz, C. Ragone, H. Muriel
      Pages 111-112
    9. A.C. Cárdenas, S.A. Cellone, J.C. Forte
      Pages 113-114
    10. J.A.P. Grana, S.N. Kemp, A.C. Katsiyannis, E. de la Fuente, A. Franco-Balderas, J. Meaburn
      Pages 115-117
  4. Evolution of Galaxies in Groups - Observational

    1. Front Matter
      Pages I-XX
    2. S.N. Kemp, E. de la Fuente, A. Franco-Balderas, J. Meaburn
      Pages 139-143
    3. D.J. Wilman, M.L. Balogh, R.G. Bower, J.S. Mulchaey, A. Oemler Jnr, R.G. Carlberg
      Pages 145-149
    4. C. Chiosi, E. Merlin
      Pages 151-156
    5. D.J. Bomans, E. Krusch, R.-J. Dettmar, V. Müller, C. Taylor
      Pages 157-161
    6. M.A. Martinez, A. del Olmo, J. Perea, R. Coziol
      Pages 163-167
    7. M. Rejkuba
      Pages 169-173
    8. I.G. de la Rosa, R.R. de Carvalho, A. Vazdekis, B. Barbuy
      Pages 175-179
    9. H. Lee, E.D. Skillman, J.M. Cannon, D.C. Jackson, R.D. Gehrz, E. Polomski et al.
      Pages 181-185
    10. I. Plauchu-Frayn, R. Coziol, H. Bravo-Alfaro
      Pages 193-194
    11. G. Magris C., F. Molina, A. Parravano
      Pages 197-200
  5. Evolution of Galaxies in Groups - Theoretical

    1. Front Matter
      Pages I-XX
    2. C.S. Rudick, J.C. Mihos, C. McBride
      Pages 227-231
    3. O. Möller, M. Kitzbichler, V.R. Eke, P. Natarajan
      Pages 233-237
    4. J. Pérez, P.B. Tissera, D.G. Lambas, C. Scannapieco, M.E. De Rossi
      Pages 239-240
    5. L. Carigi, P. Colín, M. Peimbert
      Pages 241-242
  6. Evolution of Groups as Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages I-XX
    2. S. Brough
      Pages 261-266
    3. F. Durret, M.P. Ulmer, C. Adami, G. Covone, G.B. Lima Neto
      Pages 267-272

About these proceedings


For every galaxy in the field or in clusters, there are about three galaxies in groups. The Milky Way itself resides in a group, and groups can be found at high redshift. The current generation of 10-m class telescopes and space facilities allows the observation of the members of nearby groups with exquisite detail, and their properties can be correlated with the global properties of their host group. Groups in the local Universe offer us the chance to study galaxies in environments characterized by strong interactions. In the cosmological context, groups trace large-scale structures better than clusters, and the evolution of groups and clusters appears to be related. All these aspects of research on groups of galaxies are summarized in this book written by scientists working in various fields.


Cosmology Galaxies Galaxy Galaxy Clusters Galaxy Evolution Galaxy Surveys Groups of Galaxies Intergroup Medium Interstellar Medium Large-scale structures Redshift Star Universe stellar

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