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High Tc Superconductors and Related Transition Metal Oxides

Special Contributions in Honor of K. Alex Müller on the Occasion of his 80th Birthday

  • Editors
  • Annette Bussmann-Holder
  • Hugo Keller

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXII
  2. Y. Ando
    Pages 17-28
  3. J. Bok, J. Bouvier
    Pages 35-41
  4. K. Fossheim
    Pages 131-134
  5. A. Bill, V. Hizhnyakov, G. Seibold, E. Sigmund
    Pages 143-156
  6. H. Kamimura, H. Ushio, S. Matsuno
    Pages 157-165
  7. R. Khasanov, A. Shengelaya, A. Bussmann-Holder, H. Keller
    Pages 177-190
  8. B. I. Kochelaev, F. Waldner
    Pages 191-199
  9. S. Deng, A. Simon, J. Köhler
    Pages 201-211
  10. R. K. Kremer, J. S. Kim, A. Simon
    Pages 213-226

About this book


This book containing 30 articles written by highly reputed experts is dedicated to K. Alex Müller on the occasion of his 80th birthday. The contributions reflect the major research areas of K. Alex Müller which he activated in high temperature superconductivity and phase transitions. They are theoretical as well as experimental ones and focus mainly on high temperature superconductivity. A smaller part deals with ferroelectricity and their applications. Also in this field there have recently been major break throughs experimentally as well as theoretically which will be addressed by the invited authors.

During the scientific career of K. Alex Müller he made major advances in the understanding of ferroelectricity, which used to be his major research field. The discovery of superconductivity in cuprates for which he received together with J. Georg Bednorz the Nobel Prize in 1987 has not diminished his interest in this area, but has enlarged his activities considerably.


Ferroelectricity HTS Inorganic Chemistry Superconductivity Superconductor electronics

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