Progress in Geomathematics

  • Graeme Bonham-Carter
  • Qiuming Cheng

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XV
  2. Graeme F. Bonham-Carter, Qiuming Cheng
    Pages 1-4
  3. Graeme F. Bonham-Carter, Václav Němec, Dan F. Merriam, Zhao Pengda, Qiuming Cheng
    Pages 5-21
  4. A. Buccianti, J.J. Egozcue, V. Pawlowsky-Glahn
    Pages 23-37
  5. G. Mateu-Figueras, V. Pawlowsky-Glahn
    Pages 39-52
  6. S. Lovejoy, H. Gaonac’h, D. Schertzer
    Pages 151-193
  7. J.R. Harris, D. Lemkow, C. Jefferson, D. Wright, H. Falck
    Pages 227-269
  8. Donald A. Singer, W. David Menzie
    Pages 271-283
  9. Christien Thiart, Maarten de Wit
    Pages 303-313
  10. Andrea G. Fabbri, Chang-Jo Chung
    Pages 315-332
  11. F.M. Gradstein, A. Bowman, A. Lugowski, O. Hammer
    Pages 353-367
  12. A. Bowman, F.M. Gradstein, A. Lugowski, O. Hammer
    Pages 369-378
  13. Richard A. Reyment, Isao Motoyama, Miyuki Ota, Yuichiro Tanaka
    Pages 417-434
  14. Ricardo A. Olea, Bernd Bobertz, Jan Harff, Rudolf Endler
    Pages 457-480
  15. Joseph E. Robinson
    Pages 529-534
  16. Ian Lerche
    Pages 545-553

About this book


Celebrating Frits Agterberg’s half-century of publication activity in geomathematics, this volume’s 28 timely papers, written by his friends and colleagues, treat a variety of subjects of current interest, many of them also studied by Frits, including: spatial analysis in mineral resource assessment, quantitative stratigraphy, nonlinear multifractal models, compositional data analysis, time series analysis, image analysis, and geostatistics. Professor Agterberg published his first paper as a graduate student in 1958 and has since produced (and continues to publish) a steady stream of research papers on a wide variety of subjects of interest to geomathematical practitioners. Most of the papers included here address methodology and feature practical case studies, so that the book likely has broad appeal to those interested in mathematical geosciences, both to academic researchers seeking a comprehensive overview and also to practitioners of geomathematical approaches in industry.


Compositional data anlaysis Frits Agterberg Geomathematics Geostatistics Multifractals Nonlinear models data analysis image analysis statistics

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  2. 2.State Key Lab of Geological Processes and Mineral ResourcesChina University of GeosciencesWuhan 430074China
  3. 3.Department of Earth and Space Science and EngineeringYork UniversityTorontoCanada M3J1P3

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