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Imaging in Percutaneous Musculoskeletal Interventions

  • Afshin Gangi
  • Stéphane Guth
  • Ali Guermazi

Part of the Medical Radiology book series (MEDRAD)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIV
  2. Stéphane Guth, Xavier Buy, Ali Guermazi, Afshin Gangi
    Pages 1-14
  3. Jacqueline C. Hodge, Kimmo Mattila
    Pages 15-36
  4. Guillaume Bierry, Xavier Buy, Stéphane Guth, Ali Guermazi, Afshin Gangi
    Pages 37-72
  5. Galina Levin, Jonathan S. Luchs, A. Orlando Ortiz
    Pages 73-82
  6. Alain Chevrot, Jean-Luc Drapé, Didier Godefroy, Antoine Feydy
    Pages 83-91
  7. Xavier Buy, Afshin Gangi, Stéphane Guth, Ali Guermazi
    Pages 93-118
  8. Wilfred C. G. Peh
    Pages 119-141
  9. Kathleen C. Finzel, Ronald S. Adler
    Pages 143-156
  10. Xavier Buy, Afshin Gangi, Ali Guermazi
    Pages 157-177
  11. Afshin Gangi, Xavier Buy, Farah Irani, Stéphane Guth, Ali Guermazi, Jean-Pierre Imbert et al.
    Pages 197-257
  12. Lotfi Hacein-Bey, Ali Guermazi
    Pages 259-281
  13. Josée Dubois, Laurent Garel
    Pages 283-299
  14. Afshin Gangi, Xavier Buy
    Pages 301-328
  15. Caroline Parlier-Cuau, Marc Wybier, Bassam Hamze, Jean-Denis Laredo
    Pages 329-342
  16. Rolf Huegli, Thomas Gross, Augustinus L. Jacob, Peter Messmer
    Pages 343-366
  17. Paula Klurfan, Karel G. TerBrugge, Kongteng Tan, Martin E. Simons
    Pages 367-384
  18. Philippe Peetrons, Michel Court-Payen
    Pages 385-398
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 399-414

About this book


This is one of the first books to deal specifically with imaging in percutaneous musculoskeletal interventions. The use of different imaging modalities during these procedures is well described. In the first chapter, the basic procedures and different guidance techniques are presented and discussed. The ensuing chapters describe in exhaustive detail the abilities and uses of imaging in guiding procedures ranging from biopsy and joint injection to management of pain and tumors. These procedures are extensively documented in adults as well as in the pediatric population. The third part of the book describes the different indications for vascular interventions in musculoskeletal lesions. The final chapter focuses on ultrasound-guided interventions, as they are more common and tend to be fashionable. The book is well illustrated with carefully chosen and technically excellent images. Each of the 18 chapters is written by an expert of international repute, making this book the most current and complete treatment of the subject available. It should be of great interest to interventional radiologists and also musculoskeletal and general radiologists.


Tumor biopsy bone cementoplasty fixation fracture imaging joint muscle musculoskeletal pain percutaneous interventions radiology shoulder ultrasound

Editors and affiliations

  • Afshin Gangi
    • 1
  • Stéphane Guth
    • 1
  • Ali Guermazi
    • 2
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of Radiology BUniversity Hospital of StrasbourgStrasbourgFrance
  2. 2.Department of RadiologyBoston University School of MedicineBostonUSA
  3. 3.MusculoskeletalBoston University School of MedicineBostonUSA

About the editors

Dr Gangi, Professor of Radiology at the University Hospital of Strasbourg and Visiting Professor of the Kings College of London. He is one of the world’s leaders in interventional non vascular Radiology. Dr. Gangi has received several awards and much recognition at international meetings, particularly those focused on pain treatment under radiological guidance. He has also edited a previous book on the subject, and has published numerous papers on interventional non vascular procedures.

Dr Guth is Senior Radiologist at the University Hospital of Strasbourg and Clinique St Odile in Strasbourg. He has worked with Prof. Gangi for several years and their collaboration has resulted in numerous papers on interventional non vascular procedures.

Dr Guermazi is currently at Synarc Inc, a company specializing in clinical research involving radiology. Previously, he was a Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Radiology at the University of California San Francisco, working with Pr. Harry K. Genant. Before his American experience, he was a radiologist at Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris for 12 years. His previous clinical experience and current research in the Musculoskeletal area give Dr. Guermazi a depth of knowledge on the subject that makes him unusually well qualified to edit this volume. He has also edited 2 previous books in this series, and has written numerous papers on the radiological aspects of many other diseases.

Co-authors also include Ronald S. Adler, Alain Chevrot, Josee Dubois, Lotfi Hacein-Bey, Jacqueline Hodge, Jean-Denis Laredo, Peter Munk, Wilfred C. G. Peh, all extremely well known and well respected physicians with established reputations as international leaders in the field of Musculoskeletal interventions.

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From the reviews: “This is a comprehensive, well organized and practical manual of interventional musculoskeletal radiology. … written clearly with many practical tips. This allows it to be used readily both as a bench book and as a source of reference. … The illustrations are clear with corresponding explicit radiological images. … a concise and authoritative guide applicable to interventional and musculoskeletal radiologists.” (Paula Richards, RAD Magazine, December, 2009) “This book … is one of the few on the market to update with the latest ‘conquests’ the matter of percutaneous musculoskeletal procedures. … A cohort of very impressive radiological images, detailed anatomical images and detailed procedures enrich and clarify the text. … interventional radiologists will find the book useful and a complementary tool in their daily activity. General or musculoskeletal radiologists and orthopaedic surgeons will enhance their knowledge and thus be able to properly use or guide … their patients.” (Giampiero Beluffi, La Radiologica Medica, Vol. 115, 2010)