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Lateral Aligment of Epitaxial Quantum Dots


Part of the Nano Science and Technolgy book series (NANO)

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  2. Lateral Self-Alignment

  3. Forced Alignment

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Accurate positioning of self-organized nanostructures on a substrate surface can be regarded as the Achilles’ heel of nanotechnology. This perception also applies to self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots. This book describes the full range of possible strategies to laterally align self-assembled quantum dots on a substrate surface, starting from pure self-ordering mechanisms and culminating with forced alignment by lithographic positioning. The text addresses both short- and long-range ordering phenomena and paves the way for the future high integration of single quantum dot devices on a single chip. Contributions by the best-known experts in this field ensure that all relevant quantum-dot heterostructures are elucidated from diverse relevant perspectives.


Modulation Nanodroplet Phase Potential deposition epitaxy microscopy model nanostructure nanotechnology network organization quantum dot semiconductor surface

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  1. 1.Institute for Integrative NanosciencesIFW DresdenDresdenGermany

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The author was awarded the Philip-Morris Research Award in 2002.

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