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Mechanics of Non-Homogeneous and Anisotropic Foundations


Part of the Foundations of Engineering Mechanics book series (FOUNDATIONS)

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This book contains new results in the area of statics and dynamics of heterogeneous and anisotropic foundations. The book is directed at engineers and scientists in the area of soil mechanics, soil-structures interaction, seismology and geophysics. Some characteristic features of the book are the construction of general solutions of harmonic vibrations in the transversely isotropic half-space and the presentation of new analytic solutions relating to the homogeneous transversely isotropic elastic half-space subjected to the action of external forces or for half-spaces with stiffness varying exponentially with depth. Numerical-analytical methods for the considered problems of static and dynamic interactions between a deformable foundation and structures are presented as well. The book also presents a large number of computational results which give a clear picture of the behavior of the presented rock and soil foundation systems.


Applied Mechanics Fundament anisotropic foundations heterogeneous foundations rock foundation systems soil foundations systems soil structure interaction statics structure

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  1. 1.Geotechnical DepartmentFaculty of Civil Engineering TechniconHaifaIsrael

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