Geodetic Deformation Monitoring: From Geophysical to Engineering Roles

IAG Symposium Jaén, Spain March 17–19, 2005

  • Fernando Sansò
  • Antonio J. Gil
Conference proceedings

Part of the International Association of Geodesy Symposia book series (IAG SYMPOSIA, volume 131)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XI
  2. Invited Opening Address

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
  3. General Methods for Deformation Analysis

  4. Special Measurement Tools, Data Integration and Specific Models

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 63-63
    2. C. Meisina, F. Zucca, D. Fossati, M. Ceriani, J. Allievi
      Pages 65-72
    3. L. Biagi, G. Pietrantonio, F. Riguzzi
      Pages 73-82
    4. Christian Hesse, Hansjörg Kutterer
      Pages 103-111
  5. Geodynamical Applications, Crustal Deformation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 127-127
    2. Chiara Pinato Gabrieli, Carla Braitenberg, Ildiko’ Nagy, David Zuliani
      Pages 129-137
    3. S. Erdogan, M. Sahin, H. Yavasoglu, H. Karaman, T. Erden, S. Bilgi et al.
      Pages 152-159
    4. L. García-Cañada, M. J. Sevilla
      Pages 160-165
    5. H. Yavasoglu, E. Tari, H. Karaman, M. Sahin, O. Baykal, T. Erden et al.
      Pages 166-171
    6. E. Brückl, U. Mitterbauer, M. Behm
      Pages 181-192
    7. L. Timmen, O. Gitlein, J. Müller, H. Denker, J. Mäkinen, M. Bilker et al.
      Pages 193-199
    8. F. Riguzzi, M. Crespi, M. Cuffaro, C. Doglioni, F. Giannone
      Pages 200-208
    9. P. Alfaro, A. Estévez, E. B. Blázquez, M. J. Borque, M. S. Garrido, A. J. Gil et al.
      Pages 209-216
    10. M. Berrocoso, M. E. Ramírez, A. Fernández
      Pages 217-221
  6. Local and Engineering Applications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 231-231
    2. Nuno Lima, J. Casaca, M. J. Henriques
      Pages 239-243
    3. R. Esquivel, A. Hernández, M. E. Zermeño
      Pages 254-258
    4. J. Cardenal, J. Delgado, E. Mata, A. González, J. Remondo, R. Díaz de Terán et al.
      Pages 259-264
    5. M. I. Ramos, A. J. Gil, F. R. Feito.
      Pages 265-269
    6. Ferrer Torío R., Piña Patón B., De Luis Ruiz J. M., Ruiz Bedia Ma L., Castillo López E.
      Pages 270-276
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 305-306

About these proceedings


Geodesy is the science dealing with the determination of the position of points in space, the shape and gravity field of the Earth and with their time variations. A consequence is that geodesists feel as a permanent subject of research, the detection, analysis and interpretation of spatial deformation as well as gravity field variation. This book collects 36 selected papers from the International Symposium on Geodetic Deformation Monitoring held in Jaén (Spain) from 17th to 19th March 2005. The main topics covered in the symposium were: mathematical and statistical models for crustal deformation analysis, deformation monitoring from GPS and InSAR data: analysis and geophysical interpretation, geodetic monitoring of movements in civil engineering, integration of spatial and terrestrial techniques in deformation studies, geodynamical applications of gravimetric observations and present-day geodetic instrumentation for deformation monitoring. This volume is a good overview of theoretical matters, models and results.


Crustal Deformation GPS Geodynamical Applications Geoinformationssysteme InSAR geodesy

Editors and affiliations

  • Fernando Sansò
    • 1
  • Antonio J. Gil
    • 2
  1. 1.D.I.I.A.R. - Surveying SectionPolytechnic of MilanMilanItaly
  2. 2.Department of Cartografic, Geodetic and Photogrammetric Engineering Campus Las LagunillasUniversity of JaénJaénSpain

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