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Monetary and Wage Policies in the Euro Area


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVI
  2. Introduction

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  3. Basic Models of a Monetary Union

  4. Monetary Interactions between Europe and America

  5. Wage Interactions between Germany and France

  6. Monetary and Wage Interactions Intermediate Models

  7. Monetary and Wage Interactions Advanced Models

About this book


This book studies the interactions between monetary and wage policies in the euro area. It carefully discusses the process of policy competition and the structure of policy cooperation. As to policy competition, the focus is on competition between the European central bank, the American central bank, the German labour union, and the French labour union. As to policy cooperation, the focus is on the same institutions. These are higher-dimensional issues. The policy targets are price stability and full employment. The policy makers follow cold-turkey or gradualist strategies. The policy decisions are taken sequentially or simultaneously. Monetary and wage policies have spillover effects. Special features of this book are numerical simulations of policy competition and numerical solutions to policy cooperation.   


Euro European Monetary Union International Policy Coordination Monetary Policy Simulation Wage Policy

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